This image is four pictures of bright classroom materials such as a teacher toolbox, nametags, mirror affirmation station, all in bright colors of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Happy Hues Classroom Theme

Are you looking for a bright and happy classroom theme that is engaging but not too overwhelming? This Happy Hues classroom theme has everything you need to create just that! 🥳 These are a few of my favorite items from the Happy Hues classroom collection: Alphabet Posters Need an alphabet

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This image shows free classroom name tags in bright colors such as blue, green pink, orange, yellow, and reads "Free Classroom Nametags"

Free Classroom Name Tags

I know I can’t be alone in this… But I loved getting my classroom ready for a new school year. 😍 Setting up my classroom and picking out my decorations for the year were always so much fun! But it can get expensive, which is why I wanted to create

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This image shows a picture of a 4 images of a boho classroom with colors of teal, tans, and burnt orange and shows the alphabet, an affirmation station, schedule cards, and a picture of a bulletin board with a 10 drawer cart in front of it.

Boho Dreams Classroom Theme

Cozy, neutral colors + plants. 😍🤍 I am definitely on the boho trend- I just moved houses and have been switching out my farmhouse decor with more plants and boho inspired decor. I had so much fun creating this boho dreams classroom theme…this one might be my favorite! There are

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Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme

Boho rainbows are all the trend right now and I’m here for the soft pastels and happy rainbows! This modern rainbow classroom decor was so fun to create, and I have LOVED seeing other teachers bring it to life in their classrooms! 😍 Here are a few of the items

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This image shows the modern calm colors classroom decor set with examples of the teacher toolbox labels, 10 drawer cart labels, and hand signal posters.

Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor

Are you looking to create a beautiful, calming classroom theme? I always wanted to create a calm classroom environment, so that is what inspired me to design the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor theme 😍 Also, I decided to make everything in the modern calm colors bundle text-editable! I know

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The image displays a laptop with an editable classroom job powerpoint and reads "Solutions to Missing Fonts in Powerpoint"

Solutions to Missing Fonts in Powerpoint

Have you ever purchased a cute, editable product from TPT and when you open the PowerPoint, the embedded font is missing?  If this has ever happened to you, I’ve got you! It’s typically an easy fix. 🙂 Generally, all you need to do is make sure you have the latest

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This image includes multicultural hand signal posters to use in the classroom and reads "Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters"

Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters

Do you ever excitedly call on a student to answer your question and rather than answering you, you hear “Can I go to the bathroom?” I’ve definitely been there- too many times! One quick change that minimized many disruptions was teaching my students to use hand signs to ask basic

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