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This image shows different resources included in the pastel retro theme. The text on the image reads, "Pastel Retro Classroom Theme".

Pastel Retro Classroom Theme

Soft, pastel colors with a groovy vibe ✌️ I had SO much fun creating this decor set! This pastel retro classroom theme is FILLED with resources to help you with every part of your classroom- content posters, classroom management tools, organizational pieces, and more! A splash of pastel, a dash

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This image shows four different displays of a classroom with the tropical vibes classroom theme. There is a classroom schedule showing subjects and times, a birthday display with months and student names, an mirror with affirmations around it and a larger shot of a bulletin board with a calendar, alphabet posters, number lines, and more! Everything in this classroom theme is bright, beachy, and vibrant. The words on the image say "Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme".

Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme 

Bright, vibrant colors, rainbows, flowers & palm trees? 🌴 Yes, please!  Read on to take a closer look at the Tropical Vibes classroom theme. 🥰 The bright colors pop, bringing that spark of joy to any classroom. 😊 For a quick video overview, check out the video below! Bulletin Board

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This image shows a neutral classroom flip calendar, schedule cards, nametags, and a neutral classroom theme bulletin board.

Simply Neutral Classroom Theme

A soft touch of color brightens up any space. ✨ So, if you are looking to freshen up your classroom, but don’t want all the graphics included in other classroom decor bundles, check out my Simply Neutral Classroom Theme.  After I launched my Boho Dreams classroom decor bundle, I heard

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This image reads "Retro Groovy Classroom Theme" and shows 4 images including a retro classroom bulletin board, retro schedule cards, retro affirmation station, and teacher toolbox labels.

Groovy Classroom Decor Theme

Are you looking for a way to add retro vibes to your classroom? Decorating with this groovy boho classroom bundle will transform your classroom into a fun, welcoming, trendy space that you and your students will love! What’s even better is this groovy decor bundle is a growing bundle, which

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This image is four pictures of bright classroom materials such as a teacher toolbox, nametags, mirror affirmation station, all in bright colors of pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Happy Hues Classroom Theme

Are you looking for a bright and happy classroom theme that is engaging but not too overwhelming? This Happy Hues classroom theme has everything you need to create just that! 🥳 These are a few of my favorite items from the Happy Hues classroom collection: Alphabet Posters Need an alphabet

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This image shows a picture of a 4 images of a boho classroom with colors of teal, tans, and burnt orange and shows the alphabet, an affirmation station, schedule cards, and a picture of a bulletin board with a 10 drawer cart in front of it.

Boho Dreams Classroom Theme

Cozy, neutral colors + plants. 😍🤍 I am definitely on the boho trend- I just moved houses and have been switching out my farmhouse decor with more plants and boho inspired decor. I had so much fun creating this boho dreams classroom theme…this one might be my favorite! There are

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Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme

Boho rainbows are all the trend right now and I’m here for the soft pastels and happy rainbows! This modern rainbow classroom decor was so fun to create, and I have LOVED seeing other teachers bring it to life in their classrooms! 😍 Here are a few of the items

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This image shows the modern calm colors classroom decor set with examples of the teacher toolbox labels, 10 drawer cart labels, and hand signal posters.

Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor

Are you looking to create a beautiful, calming classroom theme? I always wanted to create a calm classroom environment, so that is what inspired me to design the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor theme 😍 Also, I decided to make everything in the modern calm colors bundle text-editable! I know

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