Pastel Retro Classroom Theme

This image shows different resources included in the pastel retro theme. The text on the image reads, "Pastel Retro Classroom Theme".

Soft, pastel colors with a groovy vibe ✌️

I had SO much fun creating this decor set! This pastel retro classroom theme is FILLED with resources to help you with every part of your classroom- content posters, classroom management tools, organizational pieces, and more!

A splash of pastel, a dash of retro – This decor theme will create a classroom aesthetic that sparks imagination and calm 🤍🌼✨🙂

This image shows a part of a classroom decorated with the pastel retro classroom theme.

Check out what’s already included in this growing bundle. ⬇️

Support Student Learning with Your Decor 📚👩‍🏫

Adding these reference resources will give your students the boost they need as they master and learn content. And, it will keep your classroom feeling extra groovy since everything is in the same pastel retro theme. 

Number Posters 

Choose from two different pastel retro number poster designs for your littlest learners. 

The number posters include the digit, written number, ten frame, die amount, and tally marks for the numbers 0 – 20. 

CUBES Posters 

This image shows a CUBES problem-solving strategy display. The letters of the word "CUBES" go down and there is a piece of paper right next to each letter with an explanation of that step in the process.

CUBES is a fantastic math problem-solving strategy to teach your students! 

As they learn the strategy, having the steps posted in your classroom is super helpful. 

Number Line

This image shows a view of a number line in a classroom.

Post a number line in your classroom for your students to reference. 

This image shows a close-up of a number line in a pastel retro classroom theme.

The beautiful, pastel retro design is a perfect addition to your groovy classroom!  

Alphabet Posters 

This image shows alphabet posters with the letters, a picture, and the word of the picture.

Support your students as they master their letters and letter sounds. 

These alphabet posters come in many different font choices (including a cursive font) so you can choose the one that works best for your students! 

Calendar Display

This image shows a calendar display designed with the pastel retro classroom theme. There are weather cards underneath the calendar.

A calendar is a great addition to any classroom. If you teach a weather unit, the season and weather cards are perfect to add into your morning calendar routine!

Flip Calendar

This image shows a pastel retro flip calendar on a whiteboard.

I love flip calendars because they save SO much time each morning! You no longer need to write the date on the board. 

Name Tags

You can choose to use nametags as a simple name display, or the version with a number line or alphabet display. 

Resources that Foster Classroom Culture 

These pastel retro resources are designed to help you create a classroom where your students feel welcomed, valued, and are constantly reminded of their potential. 

Affirmation Station 

This image shows a mirror with square papers all around the sides of the mirrors. On each square is an "I Am" statement.

Create a spot in your classroom where students can speak affirmations over themselves. This is a great way to bring growth mindset to life in your classroom! 

Morning Greeting Posters 

This image shows a classroom door with "Morning Greetings" displayed on circle tiles. The different options are things like "High Five" or "Hug" or "Dance".

Post the resource on your door or close to your door so students see it each morning as they enter the classroom! 

Remind students of the options they can choose easily with this morning greeting display resource. 🙂

Birthday Display 

This image shows a birthday display. The banner says "Birthdays" and there are 12 hexagons underneath. Each hexagon has the name of a month and a different pastel retro design. Under each month tile are lists of student names.

I love displaying student birthdays because I don’t have to remember when each student has a birthday (lol), and students LOVE seeing their names on the board! 🤍

Classroom Rules Posters

This image shows a bulletin board display with classroom rule posters down the side. There are 4 different rule posters visible in the picture.

This classroom theme comes with editable versions of the pastel retro rules posters so you can customize them for your classroom! 

Door Display 

This image shows a classroom door decorated with lots of circles. Each circle has a student's name written on it with a clipart image of a flower or sunshine or flowers. There is a large sign that says "I'm so happy you're here" in the middle of the door.

Use this beautifully simple door display to welcome your students right away. 

Quickly edit this resource to show each of your students’ names and you’re ready to go! 🙂

Growth Mindset Display  

This image shows a growth mindset bulletin board display designed in the pastel retro classroom theme.

Fostering a growth mindset has always been a huge part of my teaching, so I always like to include a bulletin board kit to help with that in my classroom bundles! 

Pair this bulletin board display with some growth mindset-focused read-alouds for some great beginning-of-the-year lessons! 

Inspirational Posters 

Print and display these inspirational posters to encourage your students and create a welcoming classroom. 

You can hang them on a bulletin board, frame them, or do some of both! 

Either way, these pastel retro posters will look absolutely stunning on any classroom wall and will remind your students of how you see them each and every day. 

If you want to try this decor theme out in your room, I made 9 posters FREE! 

The six posters below are all included in the freebie 😊

This image shows a bulletin board with six pastel retro classroom theme inspirational posters displayed. The posters read things like "Our class is awesome!" and "Good Vibes".

Grab them from my TPT store here 🎉 

Meet the Teacher Templates

This image shows three different meet the teacher templates.

You are a big part of your classroom culture and helping your students and families get to know you is important. 

These editable meet the teacher pastel retro resources are an easy way to share more about yourself with your kiddos! 

Choose from templates that include a space for a picture, or a box to share your educational background. All of the headings are editable to add whatever info you’d like to share!

Resources in the Bundle that Keep Things Running Smoothly 

Daily Schedule Cards  

This image shows daily classroom schedule cards in a pastel retro classroom theme.

Schedule cards are a must for me because they save me so much time from writing the schedule on the board each day 🙌

This classroom decor resource is editable (both the cards AND the clocks) so you can customize it for your classroom. 

Classroom Jobs Display 

If you like giving your students classroom jobs, there are two options included in this bundle!

Choose between a primary design with a picture to go along with each job card or an upper elementary design without the pictures. (pictured on the right)

Both of these resources include editable versions so you can change the font or the title of a job to fit what happens in your classroom. 

Voice Level Posters 

This image shows voice level posters in a classroom. The posters go from "Silence is Golden 0" to "Outside Voice 4".

These voice level posters are a great tool to refer to throughout each lesson when sharing with students the appropriate noise level. 

Hand Signal Posters 

This is probably my FAVORITE classroom decor resource because it cuts out so many little distractions 😍

Keep these in a spot where students can reference them to remember how to ask to use the bathroom or grab a drink (silently) during your lesson. 

Choose from two different styles – a retro image background or a solid, pastel color background. 

Organize ALL the Things 

An elementary classroom is generally filled with SO many bits and pieces that you need daily. 

My pastel retro classroom decor bundle is packed with resources to help keep your classroom organized so you know where everything is. 

Teacher Toolbox Labels 

This image shows a teacher toolbox decorated with pastel retro classroom theme labels.

Keep your space organized by providing a home for all of the index cards, sticky notes, pencils, paper clips, and other little items that take over your desk. 

These labels are editable, so you can create cards for whatever is on your desk! 

10 Drawer Cart Labels  

This image shows a 10-drawer rolling cart with pastel retro-designed labels.

Clean up the papers on your desk with a 10 drawer cart and labelling system. 

Again, this file is text-editable, so you can customize the drawers to whatever categories are most helpful to you! 

Rolling Cart Labels 

This image shows an Essex rolling cart organized with pastel retro labels.

If you have the Essex Rolling Cart, chances are your students are using these resources in the classroom. 

Providing labels reminds your students (and yourself) what each drawer is used for. They also make things easier for subs or other guest teachers you may have in your classroom from time to time! 

Binder Spines & Covers 

This image shows three binders with pastel retro designs labeled, "Reading", "Math", "ELA". The image beneath shows spines in the pastel colors reading "Social Studies", "Sub Plans", and "Math".

Keep your data organized with these binder spines and covers. 

Edit the files as you need to make sure they fit how you use binders in your own classroom! 

Binder Forms 

This image shows two binder forms up close. One is a to-do list split into four categories. The other is a Week at a Glance page with to-do lines for each day of the week.

Sometimes the thing you need to keep organized is your brain! 

Having pastel retro binder forms allows you to jot notes down for yourself instead of trying to remember them all day. 

Bulletin Board Banners

This image shows three different bulletin board banners that read, "Reading", "Welcome", and "Math".

Organize your bulletin boards with banners designed in the pastel retro classroom decor theme. 

Choose from already created banners or there is a set with letters A-Z to create ANY heading that you need for your room 🤩

This pastel retro classroom theme is perfect for any classroom looking to create a welcoming vibe with soft colors. 

Transform your classroom using this classroom decor theme today! 

Now that you have found the perfect decor bundle, let me help you walk through actually setting it up in your classroom. 

If you are looking for a bolder retro theme, check out my other groovy theme here! 

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