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This image shows a closeup of a bulletin board with a calendar display. You can also glimpse a few classroom jobs and a number line in the distance. The displays are all created using a calm colors theme. The words on the picture read "amazon finds that match the modern calm colors classroom decor!"

Amazon Finds to Match the Modern Calm Colors Decor (2024)

Whoop, whoop! You’ve landed on a classroom decor theme!  You may have just purchased the Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor Bundle, which gives you an incredible start in creating your cozy, colorful classroom with calming pastels.  Now, you are left with empty spaces and wondering what rug, bulletin board backgrounds,

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This image shows a classroom calendar bulletin board display with printable pieces in calming colors, hung with velcro dots.

The Ultimate Guide to A Printable Classroom Calendar 

Is an elementary classroom really complete without a classroom calendar? 😍 With the rise in digital tools in the classroom, I’m sure there are calendars galore at your students’ fingertips.  But there is something special about having a large calendar displayed in your room. You can bring a printable calendar

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This image shows a bright rainbow google slide template for a teacher with a morning work message displayed.

Adding Cute Fonts to Google Slides: Teacher Hack

Do you find yourself using the same old boring fonts on Google Slides? You don’t have to be stuck deciding between Indie Flowers and Happy Monkey any longer 🙌  While you cannot add your own custom font into Google Slides, there is a list of fonts Google has that is

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This image shows a colorful flip calendar hanging on a whiteboard with a magnetic rod and says "Classroom Flip Calendar: 4 Easy Set up Steps!"

Classroom Flip Calendar: 4 Easy Setup Steps!

I love using a classroom flip calendar because it clearly displays the date without needing to write it on the board each day 🙌 If you have ever been interested in using one but aren’t sure what’s needed, I’ll walk you through the materials I used in these 4 easy

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This image shows a calm colors sound wall bulletin board display and reads "How to Set up a Classroom Sound Wall"

How to Set Up a Classroom Sound Wall 

So, you’ve heard the buzz about moving from word walls to sound walls in the classroom.  Maybe you’ve heard of sound walls and want to set one up in your classroom. Or maybe you’re still trying to figure out the difference between sound walls and word walls.  No matter where you

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This image shows a bright classroom decor bundle and reads "What is a growing bundle?

What is a Growing Bundle on TpT?

If you have spent time on Teachers Pay Teachers, I’m sure you’ve come across the phrase “growing bundle”.  Have you ever wondered what that term actually means and if it is a good deal?  You can save lots of money with growing bundles, and I’ll show you how. 🙂 Let’s

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