3 Step Guide to Setting up an Affirmation Station in your Classroom

Create a space in your classroom where students are encouraged to practice positive self-talk with an affirmation station. 

These areas don’t require a ton of materials, are easy to set up, and will help students foster postivite self-talk.💛 As a bonus, it’s a great space to take pictures of your teacher OOTD’s 😉

Follow these 3 easy steps to set up an affirmation station in your classroom today! 

This image shows a neutral affirmation station for a classroom with positive affirmations around a mirror.

Step #1: Find & Hang a Mirror

A mirror is the biggest purchase you will need to make for your affirmation station.

I recommend finding a light mirror that you can easily hang up in your classroom. 

I purchased my mirror from Walmart, but any other light-weight mirror will work. 

I have seen similar mirrors at Target. Most of these will come with an over-the-door hanger.  

This image shows a light white full length mirror for a classroom.

If you are struggling to find a mirror, I would recommend waiting until the back-to-school sales pop up. These stores generally always will have tons of these mirrors in the college section! 

Once you have purchased your mirror, here are a few suggestions for hanging it without using any nails or screws.

➡️ Hang it over a door in your classroom 

➡️ Hang it using 16lb Command strips (one in each corner)

Step #2: Choose & Prepare Affirmation Cards

Alright, the step you have been waiting for – finding the PERFECT affirmation cards to match your classroom! 

Whether your classroom is all decked out in a certain decor theme or has only touches of color, I promise there is a set of affirmation cards perfect for you! 

The majority of my classroom decor bundles include affirmation station kits. So, you can set up a mirror with cards that match your classroom theme! 

The affirmation display shown in the blog post is part of my Boho Dreams decor collection. 

Snag your own set from my Etsy shop here! 

OR browse all of my affirmation station options in my TPT shop here!

Tie all of your classroom spaces together using the entire Boho Dreams Bundle. See more resources included in the bundle in my Boho Dreams blog post. 

After you have chosen your affirmation cards, you will need to decide if you are going to make any edits. 

All of my affirmation station cards are editable, so you can add in your own personal affirmations, or just stick with the ones that are pre-typed for you. 🙂

Step #3: Print, Cut, & Stick the Cards 

Next, you will need to print out your affirmation cards. 

I recommend printing these cards on cardstock paper to help them last a little longer! 

⭐ Cardstock paper will make the cards durable against little hands & fingers 😉

After printing your cards, grab your favorite pair of scissors to cut them out! 

This image shows neutral affirmation labels cut out and a poster that says "I will do great things because..."

Then, attach the cards around the sides of the mirror using transparent tape. 

1️⃣ First, I folded the tape on itself to create a double-sided loop. 

2️⃣ Next, I attached one side of the loop to the back of the affirmation card. 

3️⃣ Finally, I pressed the affirmation card onto the edge of the mirror! 

That’s it! You’re affirmation station is set up and ready to go! 

This image shows a boho affirmation mirror with neutral colored labels around it and affirmations such as "I am brave", "I am loved" etc.

Affirmation Station Bonus Tips: 

I wanted to leave you with some extra tips on ways other teachers have used affirmation stations in their own classrooms! 

🌟 Skip the mirror & just place the affirmation cards on a bulletin board or your classroom door. You can create a poster saying, “In this classroom we are..” or “This classroom is filled with students who are…”. 

🌟 Edit the affirmation cards to include your students’ names. Next, create a poster with any saying of your choice. Then, place the poster & student name cards on your door for a fun door display! 

🌟 Involve your students by creating a list of affirmations as a whole class! Edit the affirmation cards to include everything your students brainstormed together. 

Affirmation stations are a great, easy way to help students really start to see themselves as the creative, kind, resilient individuals they are. ♥️

Ready to create this space in your own classroom? 

Check out my Boho Dreams Affirmation Station on TPT. Do you prefer to shop on Etsy? Find this same affirmation station kit on Etsy here.

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