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This image shows six hand signal posters all on brightly colored backgrounds. The posters show common hand signals in the classroom, such as "Bathroom, Pencil, Drink, Question, Yes & No". The text on the bottom part of the image reads "7 Cute Styles of Hand Signal Posters"

7 Cute Styles of Hand Signal Posters in the Classroom

Using hand signals in the classroom is one of my favorite classroom management strategies!  Having class-wide signals students use to quickly and quietly ask for things without interrupting your teaching time is a game changer. 💪 If hand signals are something new to you, check out this blog post!  (I

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This image shows retro welcome posters for the elementary classroom with rainbows and reads "free retro classroom decor"

Free Retro Classroom Decor Printables

There is something special about a fresh bulletin board display. Especially one that incorporates different free retro classroom decor themes like smiley faces, peace signs, and rainbows!  Students catch a glimpse of it from the hall or as they approach the classroom and are instantly excited. 🤩 Searching the internet

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This image shows free classroom posters in a calm colors theme and reads "Free Classroom Decor that will inspire your students"

Free Classroom Decor that will Inspire your Students

I love helping teachers find easy ways to transform their classrooms using free classroom decor!  These free classroom posters add a touch of color to the walls of your classroom while inspiring and encouraging students!  Read all the way to the end for some ideas on what to do with

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This image shows a CUBES math bulletin board and reads "3 Easy to Implement Problem Solving Strategies in Math"

3 Easy-to-Implement Problem Solving Strategies in Math

Teaching students how to use problem-solving strategies in math to solve word problems is important. However, it can be incredibly difficult!   Whenever you say the phrase “word problems”, you can anticipate anything from blank stares to looks of pure horror on your student’s faces.  How can we help our students conquer

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This image reads "Freebie Alert: Dive into Easy and Fun Skip Counting Practice" and has a picture of number posters 2-7 with the first nine multiples on them.

Freebie Alert: Dive into Easy and Fun Skip Counting Practice

Why is Skip Counting Important?  Skip counting helps lead students into multiplication.  Most students learn skip counting without realizing they are learning how to multiply. Memorizing and practicing multiplication facts is really hard. It takes a lot of brain power to hold all those numbers in.  This is where skip

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This image shows free classroom name tags in bright colors such as blue, green pink, orange, yellow, and reads "Free Classroom Nametags"

Free Classroom Name Tags

I know I can’t be alone in this… But I loved getting my classroom ready for a new school year. 😍 Setting up my classroom and picking out my decorations for the year were always so much fun! But it can get expensive, which is why I wanted to create

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This image includes multicultural hand signal posters to use in the classroom and reads "Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters"

Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters

Do you ever excitedly call on a student to answer your question and rather than answering you, you hear “Can I go to the bathroom?” I’ve definitely been there- too many times! One quick change that minimized many disruptions was teaching my students to use hand signs to ask basic

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