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I know I can’t be alone in this… But I loved getting my classroom ready for a new school year. 😍 Setting up my classroom and picking out my decorations for the year were always so much fun! But it can get expensive, which is why I wanted to create a set of cute, editable FREE nametags for you! 🌈

This image shows different bright colored classroom name tags in the colors pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Why Should You Use Classroom Name Tags?

At the beginning of the year, a classroom name tag serves the purpose of getting a student familiar with spaces created for them (such as their desk or cubby), and it also helps you learn students’ names. I could always see my students’ anxiety begin to fade when they saw their name on a desk – they knew they had a special place in the room! It also made creating seating charts, checking attendance, and being organized for a substitute teacher much easier.

Name plates can also make information easily accessible to students. For primary students, you might want a name plate with the alphabet, and a number line for reference.

For upper elementary students, a cursive alphabet can be useful.

Having this information right at the top of a student’s desk makes it simple and convenient. 

Ways to Use Classroom Name Plates

I mentioned some of the ways you can design a nameplate, but a student desk isn’t the only helpful location. Depending on how you have set up your classroom, you could use a name tag for:

✅ Student desks

✅ Cubbies

✅ Supply Tubs

✅ Pencil Boxes

✅ Student mailboxes

✅ Magazine organizers

✅ And even your classroom door!

By labeling these areas of the classroom, students can easily find the materials they need and stay organized. 

Want this Classroom Name Tags Freebie?

If you want to try out a classroom name tag this year, I have these bright Free Editable Name Tags you can use! 

All you need is Powerpoint installed on your computer and you can edit the nametags and print them for your students!

If you don’t have Powerpoint, you can grab a free month trial using this link.

These free name tags include various designs, such as rainbow and bright solids, and various reference information, such as numbers 1-20 and a basic alphabet.

This image shows different bright colored classroom name tags to go on students desks.

I embedded a font on the PowerPoint, but you are welcome to change it to any of your choice!

If you would like a primary friendly font- I recommend downloading the FREE KG Primary Penmanship font.

Also, because this template is editable, you can add any other elements you want to make it work for your classroom. You can copy and paste clipart onto the template to help students learn their lefts and rights or add a multiplication chart!

In addition, if you are interested in creating a cohesive classroom theme with these same bright colors, I’ve created an entire decor theme to match! Click here to check it out!

I would love to see how these name tags work in your classroom! Find me on Instagram @shaynavohstpt and share your plans for the name plates.

This image shows free classroom name tags in bright colors such as blue, green pink, orange, yellow, and reads "Free Classroom Nametags"

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