Happy Hues Classroom Theme

This image shows a bulletin board display with voice level posters, an alphabet with A-Z pictures, a calendar, number line, classroom jobs, etc all in the happy hues classroom theme.

Are you looking for a bright and happy classroom theme that is engaging but not too overwhelming? This Happy Hues classroom theme has everything you need to create just that! 🥳

These are a few of my favorite items from the Happy Hues classroom collection:

Alphabet Posters

Need an alphabet poster set in a primary font for your students? Alphabets including ASL? A cursive alphabet to help your students learn how cursive letters are formed? ALL of these alphabet poster styles are included with bonus versions with A-Z pictures!

This picture shows an alphabet with pictures for a primary classroom in bright colors.

Daily Schedule Cards

Schedule cards have to be one of my favorite classroom items because students no longer will ask “What time is lunch?” or “What special do we have today?”

These schedule cards include a fun font version, and primary versions with pictures. Both styles include the option to add digital and analog clocks. If you need to customize the schedule cards to better suit your classroom, I got you! You can use the text editable PowerPoint versions to change the text and clocks!

10 Drawer Cart Labels

These bright, rolling cart labels help organize all of your loose papers by taking away the endless question of “Where should I put this?” All of the labels are text editable, so you are able to create customized labels that will fit you and your classroom perfectly. 🙂  

Desk Nametags

These are a FREEBIE! I think nametags have so much potential and power in the classroom and wanted to share this resource with you! They come in several styles and are text editable PowerPoints, so you can type your students’ names on each card 🙂 Head to this blog post to download them for free and hear more about why I love them! 🙂 

This image shows bright nametags in the following colors: pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Birthday Display

I love displaying students’ birthdays, because there is no way I can remember every kiddo’s birthday. Plus, students love to see their name and birthday on the wall! 🙂 It is also a fun way to help students make connections with each other, as well as use the information as data for real-life math situations. 

This image shows a bright birthday display on a bulletin board. Students names are listed below each month and the banner reads "Birthdays".

Editable Labels

These editable labels come in many shapes and sizes, so you can organize each of your bins, containers, cubbies, drawers, rolling carts, and more! 

This picture shows various classroom labels reading, crayons, whiteboards, fraction tiles, group 3, centers, etc in bright colors.

Free Inspirational Posters

I love adding inspirational posters to my classroom that students can read as they glance around. 🙂 This is another FREEBIE that you can grab in my TPT shop! 

This image shows free inspirational quote posters for the classroom to inspire students. The colors are bright and fun.

Calendar Display

In this Happy Hues calendar set, I’ve included holiday cards, weather and season cards, and text editable versions so you can add your own holidays / school events. I love adding a calendar to my classroom so the students and myself can glance up to see what day it is and what important events are coming up that month 🙂 I have seen countless students use the classroom calendar to eagerly count down the days to holidays, birthdays, and field trips! 

This image shows a bright calendar with the colors pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple and "the weather is" and "the season is" cards on a bulletin board display for teachers.

Flip Calendar

In addition to the regular calendar, I have added this flip calendar set that can be hung on a magnetic whiteboard with a magnetic curtain rod. I purchased my magnetic curtain rod from Amazon in the 16-28 inch size. 

This picture is a bright flip calendar hanging on a magnetic whiteboard with a magnetic curtain rod.

Classroom Jobs

Classroom jobs are a fun way to improve classroom management! This fun and bright classroom jobs display includes 32 ready-to-print fun fonts job cards, 32 ready-to-print primary job cards with pictures and editable slides of both versions to customize for your class!

Easily swap out jobs every week (or few weeks) using velcro dots or magnets!

Teacher Toolbox Labels

I love keeping myself organized, but it can often feel like one more thing to do during the school day and I end up skipping it entirely. I have found that if I already have a place for a certain item, I am more likely to actually put it away! To help you out with your organizing endeavor, I created small labels for you to customize for all of your small school supplies and quickly find them. 😊 If you are on the hunt for a teacher toolbox, I purchased mine from Amazon and spray painted it blue!

This picture shows a blue teacher toolbox to hold small school supplies with bright colored labels for each drawer showing what is inside each.

Growth Mindset Display

Teaching students about the power of their thinking is HUGE. I have created this simple display to help launch a conversation with your students about how they can alter the sentences they tell themselves. If you want to make this a more robust lesson, check out some read-alouds that work GREAT with growth mindset. 

This image shows a growth mindset bulletin board display. One side of the display says "Instead of" and lists phrases or sayings like "I can't do this" or "I am not smart". The other side of the display says "Try thinking" and lists phrases like "I can try a different strategy" and "I am a learner who does hard things!"

Morning Greeting Signs

Offering a variety of greetings for your students each morning is a great way to connect and check-in. You will notice when your students seem off, and you can continue to deepen your relationships with your students right away each day. These morning greeting signs are an easy way to remind students what their options are. Keeping them posted on the back of your door is an easy win for everyone! 

This image shows a morning greeting display on the back of a classroom door. There are bright, colored circles with individual options on each one. The options include "Smile", "high-five" and "pinky shake" among others.

Door Display 

If you are looking for a simple display to dress up your door, this is it! This editable resource will allow you to type in your own student’s names in each circle. Then, simply print, cut, and arrange on your door! The colors will blend with everything else in this decor bundle perfectly. 

This image shows a classroom door decorated with bright, colorful circles. Each circle reads a student's name. In the middle of the door is a poster that reads "I am so happy you're here!"

Are you wanting to add the Happy Hues Classroom Decor Theme to your classroom this year? Click here to purchase on TPT!

This image shows four pictures of the happy hues classroom theme.

If you are new to printable classroom themes, I have a blog post written where I share 7 Steps to Setting up Your Printable Classroom Decor. 

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