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This image shows a smiling teacher in front of a whiteboard in her classroom. The text underneath the picture reads "Tropical Classroom Theme Teacher Spotlight: Sarah P."

Tropical Classroom Theme: Teacher Spotlight- Sarah P.

Are you searching for inspiration to give your elementary classroom a tropical theme? Look no further! Take a look at how Sarah P. transformed her first-grade classroom into a tropical paradise with the tropical vibes decor bundle! Scroll through the pictures to see how Sarah has used this decor bundle

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This image shows a closeup of a bulletin board with a calendar display. You can also glimpse a few classroom jobs and a number line in the distance. The displays are all created using a calm colors theme. The words on the picture read "amazon finds that match the modern calm colors classroom decor!"

Amazon Finds to Match the Modern Calm Colors Decor (2024)

Whoop, whoop! You’ve landed on a classroom decor theme!  You may have just purchased the Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor Bundle, which gives you an incredible start in creating your cozy, colorful classroom with calming pastels.  Now, you are left with empty spaces and wondering what rug, bulletin board backgrounds,

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This image shows retro welcome posters for the elementary classroom with rainbows and reads "free retro classroom decor"

Free Retro Classroom Decor Printables

There is something special about a fresh bulletin board display. Especially one that incorporates different free retro classroom decor themes like smiley faces, peace signs, and rainbows!  Students catch a glimpse of it from the hall or as they approach the classroom and are instantly excited. 🤩 Searching the internet

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This image shows a calm colors classroom theme with the text- calm colors classroom decor inspiration: swoon-worthy classrooms!"

Modern Calm Classroom Decor Inspiration

I LOVE seeing how other teachers have used the Modern Calm Colors decor bundle to create calm, welcoming classrooms for their students. I wanted to share that inspiration with you in case you are planning on using this theme!  Check out these amazing decor classroom ideas from teachers who have

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