Amazon Finds to Match the Modern Calm Colors Decor (2024)

Whoop, whoop! You’ve landed on a classroom decor theme! 

You may have just purchased the Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor Bundle, which gives you an incredible start in creating your cozy, colorful classroom with calming pastels. 

Now, you are left with empty spaces and wondering what rug, bulletin board backgrounds, borders, and other things could match!

Don’t worry! I have scoured the internet and found these Amazon finds (and one from Michaels) that will match this set perfectly! 💛

This image shows a closeup of a bulletin board with a calendar display. You can also glimpse a few classroom jobs and a number line in the distance. The displays are all created using a calm colors theme. The words on the picture read "amazon finds that match the modern calm colors classroom decor!"

(This post contains affiliate links for Amazon. This means that Amazon sends me a small commission, at no cost to you, if you purchase through one of these links.) 

Morning Meeting Rug

A lot of people have asked what rug will match this theme, and this is the perfect one! 😍 Those teals, pinks, and yellows perfectly tie in with the calm colors theme!

This picture shows an area rug with a cream background and two pastel colored rainbows on the long sides of the rug.

This multi-colored, pastel rug creates a great space to bring everyone together for class meetings and team building. 🙂

Bulletin Boards 

Bulletin boards are great ways to easily display things around your classroom for your students. 

Many people have asked which paper I used, and it is this wood bulletin board paper!

And BONUS, it matches every theme! I’ve used it with calm colors, brights, and so many of my different themes 🙂 So you can use this same one year after year 🙂

This image shows a roll of wooden-looking bulletin board paper. You can see the roll of paper on top of a bit of the paper that has been unrolled and spread out.

If you are looking for border recommendations, I LOVE these two different borders and feel like they go with SO many things. 

The loop-de-loop border adds a cutesy take on your normal lines. 

The spotted design is a classic that works with anything too…trust me! 😊

Putting these two pieces together creates bulletin boards that look like this: 

This image shows a bulletin board display using the wooden paper and the spotted border. The display is for growth mindset and has heading cards reading "Instead of" and "Try Thinking". Under each heading is an example phrase such as "I can't do this" with arrows pointing to "I can try a different strategy."

They look good no matter what content, resources, or materials you put up 🙂 

Here are my best hacks when it comes to setting up bulletin boards. 

Reading Nook 

Maybe you are looking for something to bring together the reading space in your room. 

This little, teal rug would be the perfect addition to any reading space. 

This image shows a teal, circular rug with the alphabet printed in capital letters around the edge of the rug.

And the alphabet around the side, that’s just a nice bonus! 

Looking for pillows to add?

These adorable pillow covers would be a wonderful way to tie in your Modern Calm Colors classroom decor. 

This image shows four pillows with white covers and pastel-colored prints. One print is of five different colored cacti. Another print is of a bunch of mini rainbows. The third print reads "Feeling good like I should" and the final print is a large rainbow with the words "Be kind"

Or, if you are looking for something with a simpler pattern, check out these pillow covers

This image shows two pillows with cream-colored cases covered in black spots. The spots look like paint brush marks.

The polka dots give a fun flair to the pillowcase without detracting from the overall classroom theme. 


I’m always a sucker for a good organizational piece. 

Especially when it fits the color scheme perfectly. 🤩

This mint rolling cart from Michael’s is a GREAT item to have in your classroom. 

This image shows a rolling, three-tiered cart in a teal color. There are no drawers or lids, just three levels with space to place things.

Not only will it help keep you organized, but it is the exact teal color that matches the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor theme. 👍

When I came across this next item, I knew I had to include it in this blog post. 

This image shows two gold, wire baskets.

These baskets would work great for holding bulkier items that don’t fit in a 10-drawer cart, hand sanitizer, classroom snacks, or even books. 

And the gold color of them is tied in with the gold accents in the bundle. 🙂

Extra Bits of Flair 

Check out these multi-colored garlands!

This image shows two garlands hung on top of each other. Each garland is made up of 10 tassels hanging from the rope connecting them all. The tassels are different, pastel colors.

You could hang them above the door, across your desk, over the bulletin board, or really anywhere! 

The tassels bring a new texture and the colors tie in wonderfully. 

Or, add some simple string lights around your classroom to create a calming environment for your little learners. 

This image shows a strand of string lights strung out back and forth on a wall.

These lights even come with a remote control, so you can easily turn them on and off with the click of a button! 

Spruce up your desk or a bookshelf with this spotted contact paper

This image shows a white background with lots of small, black spots.

Here’s an example of how Emily Kruse (@Krusesclass) used this contact paper on her desk!

This image shows a close-up of the teacher's desk area. There is a banner reading "Mrs Kruse" hanging on the front of the desk on top of a black spotted with a white background paper decoration.

If you are using the spotted bulletin boarders, this will tie those things together nicely! 

Turn your classroom into a home with these picture frames

This picture shows four light green picture frames. The frames have pictures of cacti and different succulent plants visible.

Include pictures from your own life, pictures of your class, or frame posters to give them a finished look on the wall. 

Looking for EVEN more ideas? Glance through the dozens of swoon-worthy pictures of classrooms decorated using the Modern Calm Colors theme. These teachers have SO many great ideas and have found items to bring everything together. 

Or, check out how one 4th-grade teacher brought this classroom decor bundle to life in her classroom. 

No matter what items you bring into your classroom, decorating with the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor bundle will create a calm, inviting space for your students. 

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