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This image shows a stack of picture books with a mug balanced on top. The text at the bottom of the image reads "Top 7 Read Alouds for Social Emotional Learning".

Top 7 Read Alouds for Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning is super important in the classroom.  It provides a chance to help students learn more about the emotions they experience daily and how to respond to those emotions.  Picture books are GREAT ways to introduce ideas, spark conversation, and begin an SEL lesson at any age level.  You

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This image shows a Google Slide template with a valentine's themed background. The text at the bottom of the image reads "Festive Fun: Seasonal Google Slides for Teachers".

Festive Fun: Seasonal Google Slides for Teachers

Using slides in the classroom is a great way to keep your life organized and save time in your busy day! 😊 But, using the same template over and over again can get a little old.  Here are some great seasonal and holiday PowerPoint and Google Slides for teachers to

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This image shows scrabble letters spelling the words "Back to school". At the bottom of the image are the words "Top 7 back to school read-alouds".

Top 7 Back-to-School Read-Alouds

What better way to kick off the school year than with some fun back-to-school read-alouds? 📚 No matter what elementary grade you teach, your students are never too old for picture books.  Plus, picture books offer a great way to ease your learners into a fresh school year and start

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This image shows a collection of circular posters with different morning greeting choices displayed. You can see posters reading "Smile", "Fist Bump", "Hug", and "Say Hello" for example. Each poster has a word & image showing the action. Below the poster pictures the image reads "Morning Greeting Choices to Start the Day with 6 adorable poster sets."

Morning Greeting Choices to Start the Day 

We all want to help our students feel welcomed and cared for as they enter our door each day.  A great way to do this is by using morning greeting choices!  Why Morning Greetings?  A morning greeting can be something as simple as a “Good Morning” on the way in

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This image shows a picture of a teacher up at the front of the classroom with four other students. The students are writing on the whiteboard and the teacher is looking over their shoulders. The text on the bottom of the image reads "40 Classroom Reward Ideas that are TOTALLY FREE".

40 Classroom Reward Ideas (that are totally FREE!) 

Everyone enjoys being celebrated when they do something extraordinary.  Our students are no different.  Adding classroom rewards into your management system is a way to keep students engaged and excited to follow expectations.  But how many of you are tired of constantly filling up a “treasure box” with little trinkets

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This image shows students during circle time with the teacher and reads- Planning for classroom management: 3 ways to succeed"

Planning for Classroom Management: 3 Ways to Succeed!

Planning for classroom management and putting it into practice is tricky and is often a point of worry for new teachers.  I totally get it and understand, because I’ve been there.  While I am not a classroom management expert, I wanted to share a few tips I found really helpful

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This image shows students engaged and raising their hands in the classroom.

11 Creative Ways to Increase Student Engagement

Sometimes you just need something new to increase student engagement in your classroom. Bring back the magic & excite your students with these different strategies & ideas!  Add Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategies Kagan cooperative learning strategies are awesome ways to increase student engagement and they work in ANY lesson!  Here

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