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This image reads "calm Colors Google Slides Templates for Teachers" and shows a slide that reads "Welcome to 3rd Grade"

Calm Colors Powerpoint and Google Slides Templates for Teachers 

Slides templates for teachers are an amazing resource in the classroom!  Improve classroom management by using templates to display your agenda, morning routine, bell work, to-dos, lesson objectives, etc. ⭐️ These Google Slides & PowerPoint templates for teachers are beautifully designed to match my Calm Color classroom decor set. Below is

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This image includes multicultural hand signal posters to use in the classroom and reads "Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters"

Classroom Management Tip: Using Hand Signal Posters

Do you ever excitedly call on a student to answer your question and rather than answering you, you hear “Can I go to the bathroom?” I’ve definitely been there- too many times! One quick change that minimized many disruptions was teaching my students to use hand signs to ask basic

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