Calm Colors Powerpoint and Google Slides Templates for Teachers 

This image reads "Calm Colors Google Slides Templates for Teachers" and shows a "welcome to 3rd grade" slide on a computer screen.

Slides templates for teachers are an amazing resource in the classroom! 

Improve classroom management by using templates to display your agenda, morning routine, bell work, to-dos, lesson objectives, etc. ⭐️

These Google Slides & PowerPoint templates for teachers are beautifully designed to match my Calm Color classroom decor set. Below is a quick video and more info of how I use these slide templates!

Google Slides AND PowerPoint Slide Templates

First of all, this slide template resource comes with Google Slides AND PowerPoint options, so you can use what works best in your classroom. 🙂 

Both versions have the same backgrounds, templates, timers, and editable options available. 

However, Google Slides doesn’t allow personal fonts to be uploaded into their system.

This image shows some sample slides templates including ones for morning meeting, agenda, today's schedule, must do may do, and welcome to 5th grade.

Slides Templates with Timers ⏱️

Both versions of these slide templates come with pre-made timers! 

30 seconds, 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 8 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min, 25 min, 30 min, 40 min, 45 min, 50 min, and 60-minute timers are all included. 

To use a timer on one of your slides, follow these easy steps: 

1️⃣ Copy the timer you would like to use from the slide filled with timers. 

2️⃣ Paste the timer onto this new slide! 

It’s that easy! Here is a quick video of a timer in use and an overview of the slides included.

Curious about when good times to use a timer on a slide might be? 

Here are some ideas: 

⭐ Small group rotations 

⭐ Morning work time 

⭐ Independent work countdown 

⭐ Exit ticket 

Timers are a great way to help keep your students (and yourself) accountable and on schedule during your school day! 😀

Additional Ways to Use the Google Slides Templates

I love using slides to help with classroom management throughout the day as students can look at the board to see what to do / what’s coming next. Below are some ways I have used slides templates or some suggestions from others who have used these. 🙂

To Do / Early Finisher Slides 

To do / early finishers… must do / may do… ketchup and pickles, there are so many names for these slides, but they all are super helpful for independent work time. They keep students on track because once they finish the assignment or tasks that are required, they can glance at the board and see what they can do next.

These templates can do SO much for you and your students!! 

✨ Empower your students to take ownership of their work. 

✨ Stop the endless “What am I supposed to be working on?” questions. 

✨ Increase your students’ levels of independence in the classroom. 

This image shows a computer with the slide template broken into 2, with "to do and early finishers" as the headings.

Grab this resource to start creating these slides for your classroom from my TpT store here! 

Morning Slides ☀️

Some slides are split into three different categories. I find they work wonderfully for morning slides or bell work slides. You can display three different pieces of content with these slides. 

Examples include: 

🌟 Morning Work / Bell work / Morning Journal 

🌟 Today’s Schedule / Agenda items / Learning Targets 

🌟 Reminders / Announcements / Updates 

🌟 Joke of the Day / Meme of the Day / Quote of the Day 

Create a calm, morning routine students can depend on each day they arrive in your classroom. 

This image shows a sample good morning classroom slide.

Weekly Schedule 🗓️ 

Students LOVE to know what is happening throughout the week! 

Create a weekly schedule for each subject you teach to give students a bird’s eye view of the lessons you will be covering that week. 

They can also be used to display the specials schedule, or as a weekly lesson plan template!

This image shows a weekly schedule slide template.

Centers Slides ⭕

Centers and small group time always have the potential to be slightly chaotic. Reign in the chaos and save yourself time by displaying what the centers are or what each group is working on. 

Add a timer to the slide to help keep yourself (and your students) on track. 

There are MANY different template options to choose from, so you are able to pick one that works for you! 

I have created slides that would work for 5, 4, or 3 different centers or groups. 

To use these slides, simply choose the number of groups you need for your classroom. Add a name for each group or center to the top of each column. Then, add a short description of what each group or center is working on. Finally, add a timer to the edge of the slide to help everyone keep track of time!

This image shows a sample centers slide template with 5 groups and a countdown timer.

Snag these templates to bring structure to this time of your school day here!  

Various Other Slide Templates  

There are a BUNCH of other slide templates included in this resource! 

These templates have a heading and one large space to fill with text, images, or a mixture of both! 

The titles for the slides include: 

✨Morning Meeting 

✨Good Morning! 

✨Today’s Agenda 

✨Learning Targets 

✨Warm Up 


Use these various slides to bring more structure, engagement, and fun into your classroom! For additional ideas on how to use slides to engage students, check out this blog post. 

This image shows 5 editable slides templates.

Blank Templates  

There are also SO many slides that are completely blank, apart from the background. 

This allows you to completely customize the slides to fit you and your classroom while keeping everything in a matching theme. Choose from a variety of backgrounds to perfectly suit your lesson! 

This image shows examples of blank google slide templates for teachers.

Finally, ALL of these slides are text-editable! 

This gives you the freedom to…

⭐ alter the font to one of your choosing

⭐ change the wording to fit your classroom 

⭐ add details that are specific to you and your students 

Grab these Google Slides and PowerPoint templates from my TpT store by clicking here! 

Or, if you would rather purchase the resource on Etsy, you can find it here!  

Loving the color palette of these slides? I have an entire classroom decor bundle in this theme! Read more to check out the full calm colors classroom theme in this blog post.

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