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This image shows a Google Slide template with a valentine's themed background. The text at the bottom of the image reads "Festive Fun: Seasonal Google Slides for Teachers".

Festive Fun: Seasonal Google Slides for Teachers

Using slides in the classroom is a great way to keep your life organized and save time in your busy day! 😊 But, using the same template over and over again can get a little old.  Here are some great seasonal and holiday PowerPoint and Google Slides for teachers to

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This image is a picture of a blue teacher toolbox decorated with bright, tropical labels. The text at the bottom of the picture reads "Top 9 teacher toolbox labels styles".

Top 9 Teacher Toolbox Label Styles (2024)

You have the teacher toolbox of your dreams.  Maybe you’ve even spray-painted it to help match your classroom decor.  But, it still isn’t perfect.  So, you’re on the hunt for the ideal teacher toolbox labels. 🤩 Browse through my 9 different styles of labels to find the ultimate fit for

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This image shows a close-up of a 10-drawer cart in a classroom with modern calm colored labels for each drawer. The labels read the days of the week, "Copy", "Grade", & "File". The text on the image reads "Organization Made Easy: 4 Ideas for 10 Drawer Cart Labels!"

Organization Made Easy: 4 Ideas for Editable Labels

On the hunt for classroom organization ideas to tidy up your cluttered drawers?  The editable Modern Calm Colors Labels might be the exact answer to your question.  Allow these labels to help your students (and you) remember what goes in different drawers.  And the amazing thing about these labels? They

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This image shows a close-up of a 10 drawer cart in a classroom with labels decorated with a rainbow & peace sign. The labels read the days of the week, "Sub Plans" and "Grade". Underneath the image reads "6 fun styles of 10 drawer cart labels".

6 Fun Styles of 10 Drawer Cart Labels

Too often your teacher’s desk becomes cluttered with ALL SORTS of papers. 10-drawer cart labels will bring order to your chaos.  Having a 10 drawer cart, Sterilite 3 drawer container, or rolling cart is a great first step.  BUT, without a clear labeling system, those organizational items will simply become

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This image shows a calm colors classroom theme with the text- calm colors classroom decor inspiration: swoon-worthy classrooms!"

Modern Calm Classroom Decor Inspiration

I LOVE seeing how other teachers have used the Modern Calm Colors decor bundle to create calm, welcoming classrooms for their students. I wanted to share that inspiration with you in case you are planning on using this theme!  Check out these amazing decor classroom ideas from teachers who have

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