10 Styles of Google Slides Templates for Teachers (You Don’t Want to Miss!)

Are you looking for a way to bring your daily slides to the next level without spending a ton of time on creating them? You’ve come to the right place! As teachers, we all know that Google Slides templates are so helpful for keeping our day structured and organized!

With these 10 styles of templates you can create fun and engaging slides that allow your students to stay focused while they learn. From aesthetic designs with easy to edit features, layouts and themes perfect for any class – this list has something for everyone who wants to spruce up their daily slides! 😍

This image shows a computer with "welcome to 3rd grade" and has text below that reads "10 styles of Google Slides Templates for Teachers"

1. Calm Colors Google Slides Templates

Sometimes the classroom can be a wild & crazy place! Add a calming vibe to your classroom with these modern calm colors slide templates. 

This image shows a classroom slide in calm colors that says "welcome to 3rd grade"

The soft colors accent the material you are presenting without demanding to be the star of the show. 🌟

This set includes 75 slides with various layouts to work with the many different times of your day. If you are curious about what more of these slides look like, I share more in-depth about the different slides in this blog post

Over 75 slides are included in the set. This means there will be something that works for whatever time of your school day you are looking for! 

Bring this touch of calming colors into your classroom today! 

2. Farmhouse Google Slides Templates 🪴

Check out the Farmhouse slide templates! These templates are perfect year-round to invite some greenery into your classroom! 🌿

This image shows a examples of 4 farmhouse google slides templates for teachers.

Choose from various backgrounds & layouts to create the perfect teaching tool. Use these slides during whole-group instruction, morning meetings, center time, and more! 

This set includes both PowerPoint & Google Slides versions of the templates. So, you are able to use what works best for you & your classroom! 

Provide structure to your classroom today using the Farmhouse Slides Templates: 

3. Happy Hues Google Slides Templates 🌈

These slides are the perfect way to bring some summer cheer year-round. ☀️

This image shows a examples of 4 bright rainbow google slides templates for teachers.

The Happy Hues set of PowerPoint & Google Slides templates is completely text-editable so you can change the words to any saying & font of your choice. 

This allows you to make it work for you & your students! 

With the various backgrounds, layouts, and formats, there is a slide perfect for every part of your school day. 😊

Infuse your classroom with summer & start using these slide templates today! 

4. Boho Dreams Google Slides Templates 🌿

The Boho slides templates perfectly combines flair & focus for the classroom!

This image shows a classroom slide in a boho theme that says "welcome to 4th grade"

Snag this set of Google (and PowerPoint) slides, edit the text to work perfectly for your students, and enjoy the organization these slides bring to your classroom. 

Choosing from over 75 different slides allows you to find the perfect layout for each section of your busy school day. 

Add these slides into your classroom routines today: 

5. Llama Google Slides Templates 🦙

Add these llama slide templates into your classroom for the perfect excuse to sprinkle in llama puns throughout your school day! 

There are SO many fun llama puns you can use in your classroom. 

💜 A llama learning happens here 

💜 No probllama 

💜 No drama llama 

I could go on 😂

This image shows a examples of 4 llama google slides templates for teachers.

The watercolor background on these Llama & Cactus slides templates provides a fun background to daily lessons. 

Choose from a variety of layouts, formats & backgrounds to create the perfect slides for you & your classroom. 

This set includes PowerPoint & Google Slides versions of the slides. So, you can choose the format that works best for your classroom!

Transform your school day with llamas and cacti today: 

6. Neutral Rainbow Google Slides Templates

Greet your students each morning with a neutral blend of colors & rainbows! 🍂

This image shows a classroom slide in neutral rainbow theme that says "good morning"

These colors & designs create a cute, simple design to add excitement to every area of your day. 

The vast number of slide templates included in this set provides the perfect foundation for each subject during your day. 

Alter the text to make everything personalized for your classroom! 👍

Add this subtle pop of color to your lessons today: 

7. Sloth Google Slides Templates 🦥

Who wouldn’t enjoy looking at pictures of cute sloths throughout the school day? These slides will not only provide organization but smiles as well. 😊

This image shows a classroom slide in a sloth theme that says "welcome to 5th grade"

Choose between using the PowerPoint or Google Slides versions of the slides based on what your classroom needs. 

Display slides during your morning meeting, centers time, or use them for presenting your lesson itself! 

Welcome a new “class pet” with your students by adding these templates to your classroom. 

8. Groovy Retro Google Slides Templates ✌️

Blast your classroom to the past with these templates! It’s always fun to see how old trends are revived as popular once more!

Bring the groovy vibes into your classroom with these slide templates. 

This image shows a classroom slide in a retro smiley face theme that says "welcome to our class"

Pairing the iconic retro colors with smiley faces, VW vans, roller skates & flowers will transform your classroom into a place where the groovy era is alive once more. 😁

Introduce these iconic elements to your students using these slides today: 

9. Boho Rainbow Google Slides Templates

Bring in some beautiful soft colors and calming rainbows into your classroom with these Boho Rainbow slide templates!

This image shows a examples of 4 boho rainbow google slides templates for teachers.

Start the morning with rainbows on the morning meeting slide, remind students of their assignments during independent work time, and organize your small group time with different templates. 

Watch as these templates provide order & bring calm to your classroom, much like a rainbow does after a storm. 

Grab these templates for your classroom & start using them today: 

10. Tropical Google Slides Templates🌴

Add a pop of paradise into your classroom with these fun tropical google and powerpoint slides templates! ☀️

This image shows a classroom welcome slide in a tropical theme.

This set includes a variety of slide layout options to fit your unique schedule & lessons. 

Bring this fun and bright set of slides to your classroom today: 

Too Many to Choose From?  

The great news is, you don’t have to! 

Check out the giant bundle of slide templates that includes ALL of the slide templates listed above. 

Using this all-in-one bundle allows you to

  • Change things up throughout the school year with different slide backgrounds 
  • Have slide templates that match your classroom decor as it changes over time
  • Visually display different subjects or times of the day using different slide themes 

As a bonus, this bundle includes Watermelon slides templates so you can add a taste of summer whenever! 🍉

This image shows a bundle of google and powerpoint slides templates for teachers.

This bundle includes PowerPoint & Google Slides versions of all of the templates, just like each individual bundle. 

Snag your own copy of ALL of the slide templates with the giant bundle. 

Say goodbye to boring, white slide backgrounds. 👋

Make the slides as exciting as the content written on them! 

Not sure what to use slide templates for in your classroom? I list 4 ways to strategically use slide templates to engage your students in this blog post! 

Tired of using the same old font in Google?? There is a secret way to add more fonts to your Google account! Follow the 4 easy steps & check out my favorite “secret” fonts here. 

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