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This image shows a cozy classroom with a rug, twinkle lights, and calm colored classroom decor. The text at the bottom of the image reads "7 tips for creating a cozy and welcoming classroom."

7 Tips for Creating a Cozy & Welcoming Classroom

Your classroom is a special place. It is where you and your students spend a good chunk of your day. So, why not transform your space into a cozy classroom you enjoy?  The good news? Creating a cozy, welcoming “home away from home” doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Here are

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This image shows a deck of cards with four flipped over to create two different fractions. The text at the bottom of the image reads "5 Best Free Fraction Games".

5 Best Free Fraction Games 

Fractions are a tricky concept to teach. Sure, you can always bring in some food analogies or examples, but eventually, they lose their appeal.  Bringing some fraction games into your classroom is a great way to help teach, reinforce, and review what your students are learning with fractions!  Here are

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This image shows a stack of picture books with a mug balanced on top. The text at the bottom of the image reads "Top 7 Read Alouds for Social Emotional Learning".

Top 7 Read Alouds for Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Social-emotional learning is super important in the classroom.  It provides a chance to help students learn more about the emotions they experience daily and how to respond to those emotions.  Picture books are GREAT ways to introduce ideas, spark conversation, and begin an SEL lesson at any age level.  You

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This image shows an outside table with colorful skip counting numbers laid out. The words underneath read "A teacher's guide to printing posters at home."

A Teacher’s Guide to Printing Posters at Home 

There is a lot going on in your classroom each day. Sometimes we need to draw our students’ attention to the things that really matter.  What better way to do that than by printing classroom posters instead of just normal pieces of paper??  This way students can really engage with

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This image shows a picture of a teacher up at the front of the classroom with four other students. The students are writing on the whiteboard and the teacher is looking over their shoulders. The text on the bottom of the image reads "40 Classroom Reward Ideas that are TOTALLY FREE".

40 Classroom Reward Ideas (that are totally FREE!) 

Everyone enjoys being celebrated when they do something extraordinary.  Our students are no different.  Adding classroom rewards into your management system is a way to keep students engaged and excited to follow expectations.  But how many of you are tired of constantly filling up a “treasure box” with little trinkets

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This image shows an elementary classroom job card labeled "Hello my name is Lunch Helper" and a hand holding a laminated piece of paper with magnetic tape stuck on the back. The picture reads "Magnetic tape: a teacher's best friend".

Magnetic Tape: A Teacher’s Best Friend 

Magnetic tape. It’s one of the BEST teacher supplies and something I would never go without.  Meet Magnetic Tape Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend.  Magnetic tape has been a lifesaver in my classroom and I LOVE telling any teacher I can about it!  Here’s the

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