5 Best Free Fraction Games 

This image shows a deck of cards with four flipped over to create two different fractions. The text at the bottom of the image reads "5 Best Free Fraction Games".

Fractions are a tricky concept to teach. Sure, you can always bring in some food analogies or examples, but eventually, they lose their appeal. 

Bringing some fraction games into your classroom is a great way to help teach, reinforce, and review what your students are learning with fractions! 

Here are the best five games to teach your students. The best part? They’re all free! 

Snowball Fight  

A fun game to bring into your classroom is a fraction snowball fight! 

(Don’t worry, you won’t need to bring any actual snow into your classroom 😂.) 

To prepare for a snowball fight, grab a piece of paper for each student in your class (and maybe a couple of extras). Then, write a question you want your students to answer on each paper (one question per paper). 

It could be something like – name a fraction equivalent to ¾. Or, which fraction is greater ⅛ or ¼? Anything that matches the skills you have been working on. 

Another way to prepare is to have your STUDENTS write a question on a piece of paper. 

➡️ Next comes the fun part. Pass out the pieces of paper, have your students crumple them up, and set a timer. While the timer is going, the students get to have a “snowball fight” and throw the papers at each other around the classroom. 

Once the timer runs out, each student must grab a piece of paper and answer the question. (On a whiteboard, separate piece of paper, in their notebooks, or even verbally to you or a classmate.) 

Then, set the timer again, crumple up the papers, and go for another round! 

This game is sure to add a little extra movement and excitement to your math time. 

Fraction Jeopardy  

Jeopardy is another classic game, and a GREAT fraction game to use to review before a test. 

Split your students into teams, have each student solve the problem on a whiteboard, and select a delegate to speak for their team. 

The BEST part is, Jeopardy Labs has a TON of Jeopardy games already created. So, you don’t have to spend time creating your own version. 

This link will take you right to their list of fraction games so you can find one that fits the skills your students are working on. 

Kahoot & Blooket Fraction Games 

An EASY way to get your students excited about fractions again is to use a website like Kahoot or Blooket

Both of these websites are great because it is a game your entire class can play! 

As a plus, you can probably find a fraction game already created that reaches your students at the level they are at. 

Something as simple as playing an online review game as a class is a great way to change things up! 

Fraction War 

Remember the old card game, “War”? 

Well, if you have your students play War, but flip two cards instead of one, you can have them play Fraction War! 

First- remove all face cards from the deck (or make all face cards equal 10).

Then- Students flip two cards with a pencil in between to reveal their fractions.

The student with the larger fraction wins the cards. Both students will keep flipping two cards until one runs out of cards to play. 

This image shows a deck of cards and four flipped over. The four flipped cards create two different fractions. Two cards are separated by a pen. The fractions are 3/8 and 5/6.

In this example, one student flipped ⅜ and another ⅚. They have to figure out who has the larger fraction, and the larger fraction gets to keep all of the cards from this play.

Tip- If students haven’t learned about improper fractions yet, you can have them always rearrange the cards so that the smaller number is in the numerator. 

Cover (or Make a Whole) Fraction Game 

This game is a great way to help students become more familiar with the concept of a whole and the sizes of different fractions.

➡️ To play, you will need some sort of fraction strip manipulative. Whether that is official foam like fraction strips or pieces of paper you cut out ahead of time. You will also need to create your own die students can roll that has different fractions on it instead of numbers. 

Students will play this game in partners. Each student will place a 1 whole fraction bar out in front of them. The goal is to cover your 1 whole bar first (make a complete whole). However, you cannot have anything extra, so no pieces can hang over the 1 whole bar. 

➡️ To play, students will take turns rolling the die and adding the fraction they rolled on top of their 1 whole bar. As the game progresses, the student CANNOT take the fraction piece if it would send them over 1 whole. 

This account has a great tutorial on YouTube to help you really see how to play this game! 

It’s a fun game to help students become more familiar and confident in the different fractions they will encounter. Also, it is a great way to open the door to talking about equivalent fractions! 

Even though fractions are a tough concept to teach to students, that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! 

Finding some small ways to bring some fraction games into your math class will make a huge difference in how students approach fractions. 

If you’re looking for other math teaching tips, check out my Top 3 Word Problem Strategies blog post! 

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