7 Fun and Easy Ways to Celebrate Student Birthdays 

This image shows a white sign reading "Birthday" with colorful confetti everywhere! The text at the bottom of the image reads "7 Fun and Easy ways to celebrate student birthdays".

Elementary students often LOVE celebrating their birthdays. But, they also enjoy celebrating other people’s birthdays as well. 

It can feel overwhelming to find a way to do birthday celebrations for every single one of your students. 

The great news is, it doesn’t have to be overboard or anything crazy! Your students enjoy having their birthdays recognized and feeling celebrated. Which is often easier to do than we think. 😉

Here are 7 fun and easy classroom birthday ideas you could start doing tomorrow! Yes, they’re that simple. 👏

Easy Classroom Birthday Celebration Ideas

1 Birthday Ribbon or Pin 🎗️

Grab a simple birthday ribbon, sash, or pin to give to the birthday student! This could be something you hold on to and reuse for each student or something they take home at the end of the day. 

2 Hang a Sign 📌

Customize a sign (this could be writing in markers on a piece of printer paper) to hang on the classroom door or the birthday student’s chair. 

Even something as simple as writing “Happy Birthday, Student name!” on the whiteboard makes your student feel celebrated! 

3 Great Things About You Activity 💛

Have the class brainstorm a list of great things about the birthday student. This can be done verbally or written down and given to the student as a keepsake. 

You could even spend some of your small group time a day or two before working on this so it is more of a “surprise”! 

4 Show and Tell 🎤

Provide time for the birthday student to share about something they love. 

Students always love talking about things from home or what they’ve been working on. This is a great way to give them space to share things they are passionate about! 

5 Classroom Birthday Board 🎉

Set up a classroom birthday display where every birthday is written down. These displays create anticipation and excitement around when the classroom birthdays are! 

6 Play the GoNoodle Birthday Song 🎵

Do a special brain break on birthdays! 

Or, give the birthday student the choice of which GoNoodle to choose for the brain break! 

7 Homework Pass 📝

You can’t go wrong with a classic! Present your birthday student with a homework pass they can use anytime! 

Students LOVE their birthdays. They love celebrating their birthdays with their friends even more. Adding one or two of these classroom birthday ideas will help your students feel even more like a little family. 😍

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