7 Tips for Creating a Cozy & Welcoming Classroom

This image shows a cozy classroom with a rug, twinkle lights, and calm colored classroom decor. The text at the bottom of the image reads "7 tips for creating a cozy and welcoming classroom."

Your classroom is a special place. It is where you and your students spend a good chunk of your day. So, why not transform your space into a cozy classroom you enjoy? 

The good news? Creating a cozy, welcoming “home away from home” doesn’t have to be overwhelming. 

Here are 7 simple tips you can implement this week to give your space cozy classroom vibes.

1. Use Calming Colors in Your Classroom

The colors and patterns you fill your classroom with play a role in creating welcoming, cozy vibes. 

Now, you can create a calming classroom using any type of classroom decor theme, but some themes are more naturally calming. 

For example, the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor theme brings color into your room without feeling “too much”. 

This image shows a sample classroom decorated with the modern calm colors decor bundle. You can see a bulletin board, 10-drawer cart with labels, alphabet posters, and more!

Similarly, the Boho Rainbow classroom decor theme brings in a few colors and pastel rainbows with a big focus on neutral colors. 

This image shows the front of a classroom with a boho rainbow classroom theme. There are soft, twinkle lights surrounding the bulletin board and lots of whites, browns, and other neutral colors.

Photo Credit: @kindersandcoffee_ on Instagram

This classroom decor theme goes great with browns, wooden elements, and other rustic pieces. Putting all these together helps create a cozy classroom environment for you and your learners. 

This image shows the front of a classroom decorated with the Simply Neutral decor bundle.

Photo Credit: @molding_little_minds on Instagram 

Another great classroom decor theme option is the Simply Neutral decor bundle. 

This bundle focuses on solid, earthy colors. Perfect for a cozy classroom!

2. Create Coziness with Lighting 

Another easy way to make your classroom feel more cozy, warm, and inviting is to change up the lighting you use. 

Instead of being forced to rely on the harsh fluorescent overhead lights, add some lamps and twinkle lights.  

This image shows a classroom using string lights around the whiteboard at the front of the classroom for a cozy classroom effect.

Photo Credit: @tara.phillips1 on Instagram 

I love how Tara added some string lights to surround her whiteboard. This gives her the chance to highlight the learning that is happening. And her students can have a change of pace with the level of light in the classroom. 

Photo Credit: @colbyshae_ on Instagram 

Another teacher had a similar idea! She sprinkled string lights in a couple of different places in her room and even added a lamp to her teacher desk! 

Photo Credit: @classroom.chronicles1 on Instagram 

Miss Reese had a similar idea and added a lamp to her teacher desk.

If you aren’t sure when or how to turn your lights off, starting during an independent work or reading time is a great idea! 

Also, having a floor lamp or larger lamp on your teacher desk is a great way to still have some light, but keeping the warm, cozy classroom feeling. 

3. Add a Rug  

Rugs make you think of cozy homes, and curling up with a good book or chats with family and friends. ❤️

Why not add one into your own classroom? 

This image shows a the front of a classroom with twinkle lights up at the front of the bulletin boards, a giant rug on the floor, and other cozy elements.

Photo Credit: @colbyshae_ on Instagram 

Adding a rug to your front room can do more than just give sit spots for students.  

It transforms your main teaching area into a cozy place where students are excited to hang out! 

Photo Credits: @valentina.felizzola and @misslewislittles on Instagram 

And the best part? It really doesn’t matter what rug you use. Grab one with a larger print like the sunshine rug in Valentina’s classroom, or go for a more subtle design like Miss Lewis’ room. 

This image shows a cozy classroom with a rug, twinkle lights, and calm-colored classroom decor.

Photo Credit: @tara.phillips1 on Instagram 

Add a rug and some twinkle lights for a truly magical, cozy classroom! 

Now, rugs can get pricey, so I always encourage teachers to check out Facebook Marketplace, TJ Maxx, and Ross for some cheaper options! 

4. Display Student Work

Part of creating a cozy classroom is creating a place where students feel welcome and like they belong. 

A great way to encourage this environment in your room is to dedicate space to showing off the amazing things your students have been up to. 

This image shows a bulletin board displaying student work. The title of the bulletin board reads "Sharp Work".

This is a bulletin board from my first classroom! I used a cactus theme, so the “Sharp Work” title worked well! 

But, keeping things simple and having a place to display your student’s work is really all that matters. 

Now, this can feel like a big blank space at the beginning of the year. Here are some ideas on how to build anticipation for what’s coming easily. 

Photo Credit: @kindersandcoffee_ on Instagram 

I love Ashley’s idea to use solid colored papers as placeholders for student work. Attaching a clothespin on the top to easily swap out work throughout the year is genius! 

5. Hang Inspirational Posters 

Everyone needs a little encouragement from time to time. Our students are no exception. 

Hanging inspirational posters around your classroom encourages and creates a welcoming environment. These two things help students thrive as they learn! 

This image shows 8 inspirational posters decorated with hearts and rainbows.

You can post these on a bulletin board, hang them around your classroom, or even put them in frames to give the posters are more “finished” look. 

I LOVE this display from Kaitlyn’s classroom. She had the brilliant idea to combine a student work display with inspirational posters at the bottom. 

This image shows a bulletin board displaying student work with the title "Student Center" and inspirational posters at the bottom.

Photo Credit: @kaitlyninkinder on Instagram 

This simple display definitely makes the entire classroom feel cozier. ❤️

6. Create a Cozy Reading Corner 

Is a cozy classroom complete without a cozy reading corner? 

This image shows a cozy classroom reading corner with pillows on a bench seat and books underneath.

And it doesn’t have to be over the top. 

Add some pillows, and throw in a different type of seating option. Boom! You have a cozy reading corner! 

This image shows a reading corner in a classroom with bean bag chairs, a rug, and a basket of stuffed animals.

Photo Credit: @molding_little_minds on Instagram 

I love the extra lighting added to this little reading nook in the classroom. Combining that with bean bag chairs, a rug, and stuffed animals makes this a welcoming corner. 

 ⭐ Check this blog post out for more ideas on transforming your classroom library space! 

7. Bring Nature Indoors 

Although it may sound strange to think about bringing the outside in for a cozy classroom feel, hear me out. 

There’s something calming about plants, greenery, and natural textures. 

Just look at this calendar display. 

This image shows a calendar bulletin board with greenery hanging from the top of the display.

Photo Credit: @hellomissbee on Instagram 

Now, it isn’t real greenery. And it isn’t much. But something about it helps you breathe a little deeper and feel more at peace. 

In the same way, adding some neutral-colored fringe to the edges of your bulletin boards makes it feel more like a home and less like a classroom. 

Photo Credit: @pertusatico on Instagram 

Add a real or fake plant next to one of the whiteboards and the look is complete. 

The best part about all this is it doesn’t need to be extravagant. 

Photo Credits: @elementarywithbri and @ms.kruegerr on Instagram 

For example, these two teachers added some potted plants (again, real or fake) on either side of an organizational part of their classroom. 

And that alone gives your space a cozy classroom feeling. 

Whether you implement all 7 of these cozy classroom tips or only one or two, you can easily transform your room into a warm and welcoming space.

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