Bringing Fractions to Life: Posters That Will Transform Your Classroom

This image shows two different fraction resources for students. The text at the bottom says, "Bringing fractions to life posters that will transform your classroom".

Teaching fractions comes with teaching LOTS of vocabulary. And big words at that. “Denominator”, “Numerator”, and “Mixed Numbers” are just a few your students will soon be tackling. 

One great way to help students internalize and deeply comprehend what these words mean is to use fraction anchor charts and posters. 

These fraction poster sets are the perfect addition to your classroom when it comes time to teach fractions. 

Numerator & Denominator Fraction Anchor Charts 

These anchor charts are helpful for those who are just starting to learn about fractions.

This image shows fraction anchor charts. One is for Numerator and reads "The number of parts counted or separated". The other is for Denominator and reads "The number of equal parts in a whole." Both posters show an image with the text.

This fraction anchor chart will help students be able to remember the difference between the numerator and the denominator clearly. 

Fraction Posters with Visuals

Another great resource for teaching fraction basics is fraction posters with visuals. They include posters 1 whole, and 1/2 through 1/12. 

This image shows two fraction posters. One shows 1/5 in fraction form and as a bar image. The other shows 1/6 in fraction form and as a circle image.

Fraction visual posters will help your students start to connect fractions to real life. 

It is one thing to be able to identify that ⅔ is two-thirds, but what does that LOOK like?

These posters will help close that gap! 

Decimals, & Fractions Strip Posters

The jump from fractions to decimals can be a tough one. 😅

Being able to see the fraction represented in three different ways (image, fraction, and decimal) helps build the connection that they are all showing the same thing. 

This image shows two different fraction resources. The one on the left is filled with fraction strips in different colors. The one on the right shows a visual of a fraction, the written fraction, and the associated decimal.

Fraction strips (on the left)  are a GREAT manipulative tool to help students see the differences between fractions. 

Allowing students to cut these strips up and play with them, or reference them over and over will help them remember the larger the denominator, the smaller the fraction. 

Another idea is to print this as a handout (4 to a page) and give it to students to glue in their math notebook or place in their math folder.

Improper Fractions & Mixed Numbers Anchor Charts

Another poster that may be helpful for students to reference is a proper fraction, improper fraction, and mixed number resource.

This image shows two different fraction resources. The one on the left is a visual of a fraction, the written fraction, and the associated decimal. The one on the left is a fraction anchor chart showing the difference between a Proper Fraction, Improper Fraction & Mixed Number.

Posting this fraction anchor chart in your classroom gives students something to reference when they aren’t sure which form to use. 

Different Ways to Print the Fraction Posters  

Now that you’ve seen all of the different fraction anchor charts and posters, here are some different ways to put them to use in your classroom! 

1. Print your resources as posters 

For resources you want your students to be able to reference often, printing them poster-sized is a great idea! 

To print something poster-sized, you have two options. 

Either, take the file to a printing shop to let them help you take care of it! 

⭐ Or, print a poster yourself by altering the settings and printing it on four pieces of paper instead of just one. Follow these steps to do this on your own! 

2. Create Student Handouts

Put these fraction handouts together to create little “booklets” for your students to be able to reference at their desks. 

I would recommend printing the pages 2 or 4 to a page to make them smaller and easier for your students to store and work through. 

This would be great for the fraction to decimal poster, fraction strips, and even the fraction bars! 

Fraction Anchor Charts in Different Color Schemes

Alright, the last part of this process is finding the style of fraction poster that fits with YOU and your classroom. One of the most fun parts in my opinion! 

I have created 5 different styles of fraction anchor charts! All of these sets include the same types of posters seen above, they just look different! 

Browse through them all to find the one that matches your classroom theme best. 🙂

This image shows fraction anchor charts in a Tropical Vibes color scheme.

Add fraction posters to your classroom with the Tropical Vibes set. 

This image shows fraction posters in a Boho Rainbow color scheme.

Add some soft boho colors with the Boho Rainbow fraction anchor charts set. 

This image shows fraction posters in a Retro color scheme.

Use the retro color scheme with these Retro fraction posters. 

The colors will go great with other groovy parts of your classroom! 

This image shows fraction anchor charts in a Calm, Pastel color scheme.

Or add these beautiful Calm Colors fraction posters! 

These posters will add some great colors without being too overwhelming or bright. 

This image shows fraction posters in a Simply Neutral color scheme.

Keep things neutral with the Simply Neutral fraction anchor charts set. 

These posters will be in neutral colors to really keep the focus on the content, while still being beautiful. 

This image shows fraction posters in a Bright, Happy hues color scheme.

Lastly, are the Happy Hues posters! 

These lively colors will brighten up any room!

Fractions can be tough. They are a tricky concept for students to fully wrap their heads around. 

So, let’s help our students by providing some resources to make learning about fractions fun, simple, and understandable! 

The fun doesn’t stop with learning about fractions. Use these 5 fraction games to review or give your students more practice with fractions! 

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