A Teacher’s Guide to Printing Posters at Home 

There is a lot going on in your classroom each day. Sometimes we need to draw our students’ attention to the things that really matter. 

What better way to do that than by printing classroom posters instead of just normal pieces of paper?? 

This way students can really engage with the resources we are putting around our room and be reminded of what is really important. 

Here are some simple steps to follow to print any classroom decor item as a poster. 

This image shows an outside table with colorful skip counting numbers laid out. The words underneath read "A teacher's guide to printing posters at home."

Tutorial Video 

If you are someone who learns by watching someone else and following along, this video is for you! 

Step-by-Step Process

If following a list of directions is more your speed, follow these steps for printing classroom posters: 

I do want to mention that my computer uses Adobe to open PDF documents, and that may change the printing options. So, if yours doesn’t look exactly like this, try downloading the FREE PDF Viewer from Adobe from this website. 

  1. First, open your PDF document in an Adobe viewer program.
  2. Then, choose the page number you want to print.
    I suggest printing ONE page at a time to keep things from getting too confusing.
  3. Next, select “Poster” from the “Page Sizing & Handling” options box.
  4. Then, change the “Tile Scale” number to 180.
  5. Then, change the “Overlap” number to 0.001
  6. Finally, click print! 
This image shows a PDF printing box with key elements highlighted to help show the steps needed to print an item poster sized.

This will print your poster out on 4 pieces of paper. 

This image shows a 120s chart printed on four pieces of paper so it is large enough to be a poster.

You will need to do a little trimming around the middle of the poster to take away the margins. Then, all that is left is taping the papers together to create one giant poster! 

This image shows a 120 chart for the classroom.

Skip Counting Posters

Below is an example of how Megan printed her skip counting posters into a larger size for her students!

This image shows a classroom with some skip counting posters on the wall.

Photo credit: @megchandler18 

Printing each number poster size makes them much easier for students to see from any part of the classroom. 

This image shows a view of a classroom wall. There is a bulletin board and skip counting posters off to the side. There are desks, and a cozy place for students to sit on the floor with pillows.

Skip counting is a hard thing to teach and an even harder skill to learn.  

Providing your students with skip counting posters is a great resource to help them become multiplication whizzes! 

Another great tip Megan wanted to share is that she sprayed her numbers with a clear, matte finishing spray. 

This helps prevent glare from fluorescent lights. 👍

Classroom Poster Ideas

If you are looking for even more posters to print out for your classroom, here are a couple of other ideas: 

✨ Classroom Rules posters 

✨ Decorative posters 

✨ Other skill posters that would be super helpful resources 

No matter how many steps you follow for printing classroom posters, it is only going to look as good as the print job. 

So, read this post for some ideas on how to print well without breaking the bank. 😉 

Now, go start filling your classroom with homemade, yet spectacular posters! ❤️

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