Organize Your Day in Style: 5 Fun Classroom Schedule Card Designs

This image shows schedule cards in a modern calm color scheme. The text at the bottom of the image reads, "Organize your day in style 5 Fun Classroom Schedule Card Designs."

Are your students always asking you what comes next or what time lunch is? 🤪

Schedule cards might be the perfect solution for you! These cards will clearly show students the schedule for the day. As a bonus, they even come with digital and analog clocks so you can have the time next to the subject as well! 

Finally, these will save you more time than not having to answer when lunch is a million times. They make changing your schedule SUPER simple! 

Meet your newest piece of classroom decor and say goodbye to rewriting your schedule every day on the whiteboard. 😍

About the Schedule Cards Templates 

No matter which design fits your classroom decor, here are some things ALL these schedule card templates have in common. 

This image shows a pile of schedule cards with different subjects listed. Some of the cards read "Math", "Reading", "science", and "Social Studies".

🌟 Each template style has a primary version with clipart images included 

This will allow students still struggling to read with the ability to identify what’s coming next. 

There is also a version included that is text-only that works great in upper grades.  

🌟 All templates are text-editable. 

This means you can add the subject names specific to your classroom or school! 

🌟 Digital and analog clocks are provided. 

Add the time each subject will take place with a clock next to the subject card! You can edit BOTH types of clocks as well, so you can make sure the times line up with your specific schedule. 

Now, let’s find you the PERFECT schedule card design to match your room!! 

1. Happy Hues Design ☀️ 

Keep the order of events feeling bright and cheerful with these schedule card templates! 

As you can see from the picture, the version with the pictures has a more simple font for early readers to follow. But, you can always change the font to something different as you edit the template for your classroom! 

It doesn’t matter if your students are heading out to P.E. or gearing up for a reading lesson, everything will feel more exciting with these cards leading the way. 

2. Boho Schedule Cards Design 🪴 

For a more neutral look, check out the Boho Classroom Schedule Cards. 

These cards will add structure to your classroom in a way that blends perfectly into your neutral-themed classroom. 

The fun design on the back of both the analog and digital clocks adds a bit of flair to this design! 

3. Tropical Design 🌴 

Take your class to the beach every day with these Tropical Schedule Cards. 

Although not pictured, this template also has a primary design with images for each subject. 

The white background really allows the subjects to pop in their fun, bright colors! 

4. Modern Calm Colors Design 🩵

Add some calming colors to your classroom with this Modern Calm Colors Schedule Cards template. 

This template has MANY different design options so you can pick the one you like the most! 

Whether you use white backgrounds with small designs or bold, solid-colored backgrounds, your students will enjoy knowing what is coming next each day.  

5. Retro Schedule Cards 🛼 

Turn your classroom a little more groovy with this Retro Schedule Card template! 

The retro-styled images off to the side add some fun and flair to your daily routine. 

Plus, those tiny peace signs in the background of the clocks are a super fun addition to any schedule! 

All of these schedule card templates are designed to help you create structure and routine for your students in a beautiful way. 

Find the template that matches your classroom decor the best. Then, start getting it set up! For more tips and tricks on how to set up your classroom schedule, check out this blog post.

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