The Easy Way: 3 Hacks for Setting Up Printable Classroom Decor

Sometimes, thinking about how to actually get your printable classroom decor set up is overwhelming. 

Where do you start? What items do you include? How much time is this going to take? 

You have the vision for the beautiful classroom your room will become with this decor set, but aren’t sure how to make it a reality. 

These 3 hacks are a GREAT place to start! 

This image shows a bulletin board decorated with bright, tropical-themed classroom decor. You can see a calendar, number line, alphabet posters, classroom jobs list, and voice levels posters. At the bottom of the image the text reads "The easy way - 3 hacks for setting up printable classroom decor".

Hack #1: Calendar Set Up 

No matter what age you teach, having a calendar in your room is always a good idea. 

AND most classroom decor sets will definitely include one. 

Find all of my ins and outs on how to set up your classroom calendar here. 

Here are 2 simple ways you can set up your calendar chart. ⬇️

Pick the one that works best with your classroom! 

Pocket Chart 

Using a pocket chart is a quick and easy way to get your calendar up. 

This image shows a calendar printable classroom decor resource held in a pocket chart.

It also makes updating your calendar regularly a breeze! 

All you need to do is figure out how you will attach your pocket chart to the wall or bulletin board (push pins, tiny hooks, velcro dots). 

Then, add your cut-out calendar pieces and you’re ready! 

Velcro Dots

If you are placing your calendar directly onto your bulletin board, you might want to use velcro dots! 

This image shows a tropical classroom resource attached to a bulletin board using velcro dots.

This method is also SUPER easy to update each month. All you need to do is unpeel the velcro dots and realign your dates! 

No matter which method you choose to use, getting a calendar up for your students is a great place to get started with your classroom decor setup! 

Find the pocket chart I use and the velcro dots I love on my Amazon picks blog post.  

Hack #2: How to Easily Label Your Drawers 

This next tip is how to easily label your drawers so that they will stay all year round. 

My sneaky little secret? 

I use clear, extra sticky Scotch Tape on the back of my labels to attach them to the front of the drawers. 

This image shows a ten drawer cart with labels attached to each drawer. The labels read the days of the week and "Sub Plans", "Grade", "Copy", "File", and "Misc.".

For drawers with knobs (like the 10 drawer cart above), I unscrew the knobs and generally leave them off. It’s still easy to open the drawers by grabbing the lip at the top of each drawer.

If you want to keep the knob, however, you could punch a hole in the label right where the knob attaches. 

I loop the clear sticky tape and place it on the back of the labels, then stick the labels to the front of the drawers. You could also hole-punch the center and put the knobs back on!

Trust me, adding some labels to the different drawers or organizers in your classroom is an easy way to spruce up your classroom and keep you sane! 

Hack #3: How to Staple Bulletin Boards ONE Time  

Let me tell you, this is a big one. 

When I am arranging things on a bulletin board, the last thing I want to do is pull out staples & redo my hard work. 

Imagine it: you just finish stapling half of your display only to realize you have no room for anything else. 🫠

How do you avoid this?

Use Washi Tape to hang everything up first. 

Then, you can step back, look at it from a distance, make sure things are centered, and make sure you have enough space. 

Once you are sure things are good, pull out the stapler to fully attach them to the bulletin board. 

When you go to take the Washi Tape off, I suggest peeling it off VERY slowly. This will help you not peel off the ink. 

Read this post for more information about how to use the Washi Tape and more bulletin board tips. 

Don’t let your printable classroom decor set leave you in a state of overwhelm! 

Start slowly adding pieces into your classroom and you will be amazed at how quickly the transformation takes place! 

If you love this bright, tropical-themed classroom decor, check out my Tropical Vibes bundle!

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