40 Classroom Reward Ideas (that are totally FREE!) 

This image shows a picture of a teacher up at the front of the classroom with four other students. The students are writing on the whiteboard and the teacher is looking over their shoulders. The text on the bottom of the image reads "40 Classroom Reward Ideas that are TOTALLY FREE".

Everyone enjoys being celebrated when they do something extraordinary. 

Our students are no different. 

Adding classroom rewards into your management system is a way to keep students engaged and excited to follow expectations. 

But how many of you are tired of constantly filling up a “treasure box” with little trinkets your students end up losing? 

One of the best pieces of advice I received from a veteran teacher was reward ideas that didn’t cost me a penny. 

And, honestly, I find students enjoy these options just as much (if not more) than the little trinkets you can find. 

The Ultimate Classroom Rewards List 

  1. Extra Recess – trust me, this classic NEVER gets old!
  2. Movie Day
  3. Movie Day WITH POPCORN!!
  4. Class Game Time – bring out the board games & card games, and invite students to bring in their favorite game from home. (It’s also a great way to secretly have your students practice lots of other skills!)
  5. Lunch in the Classroom – I have never fully understood this….but they LOVE it
  6. PJ Day
  7. Play a Kahoot / Blooket – if you haven’t tried bringing these into your classroom yet, you need to!
  8. No shoes in class
  9. Class Dance Party
  10. Hot Chocolate Party
  11. Bring in a stuffed animal for the day
  12. Extra computer time – I generally give my students a list of options when it comes to websites or apps they can use during this time
  13. Extra drawing / coloring time
  14. Draw on whiteboards with Expo Markers
  15. Choose the class Go-Noodle
  16. Pick a song to play for the class
  17. Listen to music during independent work time
  18. Choose a directed drawing for the classThis account does a GREAT job!
  19. Choose the read-aloud for the day 
  20. Sit in the teacher’s chair for a day
  21. Show and Tell
  22. Positive note home
  23. Lunch with the teacher & a friend.
  24. Sit by a friend for the day – as a note…I would still have some pretty serious expectations in place for this reward
  25. Homework pass
  26. Use a teacher’s pen for the day
  27. Teach the class
  28. Use a whiteboard for an assignment instead of paper
  29. Sit in a special seat
  30. Have class outside
  31. Be the teacher’s assistant / run errands
  32. Take a virtual field trip
  33. Positive phone call home
  34. Wear slippers
  35. Hat day
  36. Escape Rooms
  37. Minute to win it games
  38. Choose your partner or group
  39. Chat break for the class
  40. Class kickball game

As you get to know your students better, don’t be afraid to add them to your list! Creating customized rewards is a GREAT way to show your students you care about them, know them, and want them to earn these rewards. 

No matter how you choose to have students collect points or earn chances to win these incentives, having some class-wide and individual classroom rewards to work towards can help your management style. 

Because just like us, kids love being rewarded and recognized for excellence. Whatever that looks like in your classroom. 

If you are still figuring out what you want this to look like in your classroom, read this post for my top 3 tips on how to master classroom management.

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