Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme 

Bright, vibrant colors, rainbows, flowers & palm trees? 🌴 Yes, please! 

Read on to take a closer look at the Tropical Vibes classroom theme. 🥰

This image shows four different displays of a classroom with the tropical vibes classroom theme. There is a classroom schedule showing subjects and times, a birthday display with months and student names, an mirror with affirmations around it and a larger shot of a bulletin board with a calendar, alphabet posters, number lines, and more! Everything in this classroom theme is bright, beachy, and vibrant. The words on the image say "Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme".

The bright colors pop, bringing that spark of joy to any classroom. 😊

For a quick video overview, check out the video below!

Bulletin Board Displays

Birthday Display 

This image shows a bulletin board set up with a birthday display. There is a banner reading "Birthdays" across the top. Underneath, there are hexagon-shaped month cards with different backgrounds (smiley faces, flours, rainbows, palm trees, and a sun). Under each month of the year are cards with student names written. The bulletin board is surrounded by a white and black polka dot border.

I always love having a birthday display because it reminds me which students have birthdays each month, plus they love looking and seeing their names on the board 🥰

In this display, the colors and fun tropical designs will add a pop of paradise to your classroom! 

This image shows a close-up of a bulletin board set up with a birthday display. There is a banner reading "Birthdays" across the top. Underneath, there are hexagon-shaped month cards with different backgrounds (smiley faces, flours, rainbows, palm trees, and a sun). Under each month of the year are cards with student names written. The bulletin board is surrounded by a white and black polka dot border.

Personalize this text-editable resource by typing in your own students’ names! You can also edit the month cards and use these as labels elsewhere in your classroom 🙂 

Growth Mindset Display 

This image shows a bulletin board set up with a display. There is a banner reading "Growth Mindset" across the top. Underneath, there are two columns with the headings "Instead of" and "Try Thinking". There are different phrases students may think and ideas of how to rephrase them using growth mindset. This display uses a tropical vibes classroom theme with bright colors.

Teaching students growth mindset is super important. That’s why I wanted to add a growth mindset bulletin board to this decor bundle. 🙂

Use this display to encourage your students to change up the phrases they are using and how they are talking about themselves and their abilities. 

CUBES Display 

This image shows a display with the CUBES strategy sown. The letters CUBES are displayed vertically with a box by each letter describing the strategy.

Another difficult skill to teach students is how to problem solve. Especially when it comes to math word problems. 

CUBES is a great strategy I loved using in the classroom to give my students practical steps they can use on ANY word problem they encounter. 

Not sure what this CUBES thing is all about? Read more about it here. 


Big Bulletin Board Display 

Assemble the calendar in a pocket chart, or directly onto a bulletin board with velcro dots.

Bring some tropical vibes into your classroom with this display. 

Flip Calendar 

If you are tired of writing the date on the board day after day, get yourself a flip calendar! 

Then, when you walk into your classroom in the morning, all you need to do is flip a couple of cards! 

(Or, make it a class job, and then you don’t have to think about it at all!) 

This still provides your students with the structure of knowing how to correctly write the date on their papers, but saves you LOTS of time! 

Student-Focused Items 

Brighten up the items you use to let students know what happens each and every day. 

The perk to using classroom themes is everything looks like it belongs together (because they do)! 

Classroom Jobs Display 

This image shows a classroom jobs display. There is a large card labeled "classroom jobs" with a flower in the background. Underneath that larger card are smaller cards with the names of different classroom jobs on them. For example, "Desk inspector" or "Door holder". Under each job card is a small rectangle with a student's name. The cards all have large images in their background to create a tropical, beach theme.

I love using classroom jobs because students LOVE having a role and being a part of helping out our classroom.

Tip: An option to switch jobs out easily is by using velcro dots or magnetic tape and placing this display on a whiteboard. 

Visual Schedule Cards 

This image shows a close-up of a classroom schedule. There are small cards to the left-hand side with times displayed on a digital clock. The other cards have subjects like "Morning Meeting" or "Math" written on them. All of these cards have icons and bright colors.

These cards allow students (and you) to know exactly what is coming next and what will happen each day. As a bonus, they also add some cute decor to your classroom 😍

Affirmation Station

This image shows a mirror surrounded by bright-colored cards surrounding it. Above the mirror are the words "I am". There are words on each of the cards that are affirmations. These words are things like "Awesome", "Friendly", and "Determined". Each word card has an icon connected to the tropical theme.

This beautiful affirmation station is perfect to put around a mirror in your classroom to create space for students to strengthen their self-esteem. 🥰

Organizational Items 

10 Drawer Cart Labels 

This image shows a 10 drawer cart decorated with labels creating a tropical theme all the way down. The labels read the days of the week and then "Sub plans", "grade", "copy", "file", and "Misc.". The tropical theme is a pink flower, a rainbow, and blue palm trees.

I love a good 10-drawer cart. 

They are a great way to hold onto papers, keep things organized, and quickly find what you need!

Rolling Cart Labels 

This image shows a rolling cart with tropical-themed labels. The labels include "Table 1", "science", "Math Centers", and "crayons".

This rolling cart is great for storing larger items that don’t fit in a 10-drawer cart. 

Teacher Toolbox Labels 

This image shows a teacher toolbox used to hold small supplies. Each drawer is labeled to display what goes in each drawer. The larger drawers on the outside are decorated with two sides of a rainbow. The boxes on the inside are simply colorful squares, no extra decorations.

Decorate your teacher toolbox with these fun bright labels! They are text-editable so you can customize them for the small items you have in your classroom. 

Also, many ask how I got a blue teacher toolbox. This one was black from Amazon and a few coats of spray paint made it this pretty blue color 😍 (Which, I think, works pretty perfectly with many of my classroom themes.) 

Binder Covers & Spines 

Quickly find which binder you need (and add some fun decor) with these binder covers and spines! They are text-editable to customize and include so many designs. 🙂


Fraction Posters

These fraction posters are great for students to reference! Print as is like a poster, or easily print them 4 to a page so students can have a handout for their notebook or math folder.

Classroom Rules Posters 

Hang these on your walls, on the bulletin boards outside your classroom, around the whiteboard, and really anywhere that needs a tropical vibe (they are text-editable too!)

This image shows a collection of posters on the side of a bulletin board. The posters are for classroom rules. One of the rules reads, "Rule #2: Raise your hand for permission to speak". They are bright, colorful, and filled with beach icons.

I added a set of classroom rules posters, but also these are text editable so you can add your own rules, classroom promises, or change the fonts! 

Hand Signal Posters 

This image shows six hand-signal posters. The posters are circular and include a label (bathroom, pencil, drink, question, wait, and yes), hand signal, and icon for what they are helping students ask for.

Hand signal posters cut out so many distractions, so of course I had to create a set for the Tropical Vibes bundle 🙂

Inspirational Posters 

This image shows a bulletin board display filled with inspirational posters. Some of the sayings on the posters say, "be kind", "You can do hard things" and "dream big". The posters are all colorful and feel ver tropical.

You could create a bulletin board display with these posters, place them on the walls of your classroom, or even put them in a frame to give them a more “finished” look. 

Computer Keyboard Shortcut Posters

These computer shortcut posters will save you time and energy as students can refer to them on the walls of your classroom throughout the year! 

Curious about this classroom decor theme, but aren’t fully sold yet? 

Try hanging these posters around your room and see what you think – they are FREE! 🥳

Transform your classroom into a tropical paradise using this classroom decor bundle today! 

This image shows a view of a room set up using one of my classroom themes, tropical vibes. There is a bulletin board with a calendar display, a jobs display, a number line, and alphabet posters. A rolling cart, teacher toolbox, and binders can be seen. The bright colors and tropical feel create a calm space.

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