Simply Neutral Classroom Theme

A soft touch of color brightens up any space. ✨

So, if you are looking to freshen up your classroom, but don’t want all the graphics included in other classroom decor bundles, check out my Simply Neutral Classroom Theme. 

After I launched my Boho Dreams classroom decor bundle, I heard over and over again that people LOVED the color scheme, but wanted something without the images. 

This image shows a neutral classroom flip calendar, schedule cards, nametags, and a neutral classroom theme bulletin board.

So, I decided to create the Simply Neutral classroom theme

This classroom theme matches my Boho Dreams bundle with colors, design, and layout, EXCEPT it doesn’t have any plant images – simply the colors 😉

This image shows a neutral classroom theme with a cursive alphabet, calendar, voice level posters, and number line all in neutral colors such as orange, dark pink, teal, and tan.

Elementary Essentials: 

If you were to walk into 100 different elementary classrooms around the country, you would probably find these items in each classroom. 😂

There are some items that just make a classroom an elementary classroom. 

Name Tags 

Is there a more elementary classroom item than name tags? 😍

They are so valuable to help teachers (and classmates) learn each other’s names at the beginning of the year, as organizational labels, and a reminder for students on their alphabet or number lines.  

This image shows neutral classroom nametags with cursive alphabets, print alphabet, and plain versions.

Prepare for back to school with a set of name tags that matches your classroom theme ties everything together. 

Birthday Display

This birthday display brings so much into your elementary classroom! It is super helpful to remind you when each student’s birthdays are.

Plus the text is editable so you can even add what day each student’s birthday is next to their name!

Flip Calendar 

This is one of my favorite items in the pack 😍

This image shows a neutral colored classroom flip calendar hanging on a magnetic rod.

Save yourself time (& Expo markers) by adding a flip calendar to your classroom. 

Even though it looks complicated & fancy, these are SUPER easy to set-up, trust me! (I’ll walk you through the steps here.) And, once they are set up, “writing” the date takes 2 seconds. 🤩

This image shows a neutral colored classroom flip calendar hanging on a magnetic rod.

The colored background on the month cards changes, so your flip calendar will have a different look each month!

Purchase this flip calendar for your classroom from my TPT store. 

Meet the Teacher Templates 

These Meet the Teacher templates make writing about yourself and sharing some of the things you love easy. 

This image shows two neutral classroom theme meet the teacher templates.

These templates are FULLY text-editable and come in many different layouts and include options with and without a spot for a picture. 

Voice Level Posters 

Sometimes, keeping your classroom at the volume level you are hoping for can be a challenge! 

Giving students the language of voice levels (and making the phrases fun) can be a game-changer. 👍

Displaying the voice levels makes referring to them and talking about them with your students SO much easier. 

This image shows voice level posters to match a neutral classroom decor theme.

These voice level posters give fun names to the different levels and bring some color to your classroom walls. 

Schedule Cards 

This bundle includes primary schedule cards with images to help even the littlest learners know what is coming next as well as cards with only text. 

Both options come with editable digital and analog clocks so you can connect a time to your schedule as well! 

Walk through the steps on how to set these up in your classroom in this blog post. 

Hand Signal Posters 

These were a game-changer for me in the classroom and brought SO much freedom for myself and my students! 

I love displaying the hand signal posters so my students (and myself 😉) can easily remember how to ask for things during teaching time. 

And the best part…, this resource is a FREEBIE! 🤩 Click here to add them to your classroom today! 

This image shows free hand signal posters for the classroom.

Learn more about why hand signal posters changed my life and how to use them in your own classroom in this blog post

Morning Greeting Choices  

Bring order to the potential chaos of how students enter your classroom. Display different options students can choose for their morning greeting (9 options are included & you can always customize). 

This image shows a morning greeting display on the back of a classroom door. There are neutral-colored circles with individual options on each one. The options include "Smile", "high-five" and "pinky shake" among others.

Not only will this display help calm your morning, but it is also a great way to ensure you are connecting with your students right away each day.

Organizational Items: 

Editable Labels 

There are so many editable labels included in this bundle to customize ( square labels, rectangle, circular, of many sizes). These cute hexagons are one example 😍

Editable Cart Labels 

Teachers are always carrying stacks of papers, boxes of crayons, and random items you find on the floor at the end of a school day. 

Using 10 drawer carts and rolling carts with labels are a great way to give everything a home and know exactly how to clean up. 

This image shows a 10 drawer cart with neutral labels.

These labels will tie everything together in your classroom using the same color-scheme. 

And, they will keep things simple and easy to read. 🤩

This image shows an essex rolling cart with neutral classroom labels.

Start organizing your classroom with these labels today! 

Editable Binder Spines & Covers 

File papers away in style. 

Gone are the days when you have to hand-draw labels for your binders on copy paper. The Simply Neutrals decor bundle comes with binder covers AND spines so you are able to keep things organized in style. 

All of these items are text-editable, so you are able to customize them to fit your classroom’s needs! The binder spines fit 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch binders.

Editable Teacher Toolbox Labels 

This image shows a blue teacher toolbox with neutral color lalels.

Use these editable labels to help you keep your teacher desk organized with all of your small supplies and knicknacks. 

Bring order back to your teacher desk using these labels from my TPT store.  

Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters-

Fill an empty bulletin board with these neutral amazing work coming soon posters! 😊

Affirmation Station Display  

Come alongside students to teach them more about self-confidence and the power of their thoughts. 

This display is filled with “I am” statements that will help students remember truths about who they are. 🥰

Find this affirmation display at my TPT store

I know it looks complicated, but setting up a display is easy and pretty inexpensive. I walk you through the 3 steps to set one up in your own classroom here. 

Classroom Jobs Display – Editable

Classroom jobs are a great way to integrate your students into your classroom, and help them feel like it is their classroom too! 

Simplify your classroom jobs set-up and selection with this classroom jobs display. Use velcro dots to make the job swap even simpler! 

Curious about how to get a classroom jobs system started in your classroom? This blog post will walk you through everything you need to know. 😉

Door Display

Create a classroom where students know they are welcomed, invited, and celebrated each & every day with this simple door display. 

This image shows a classroom door with neutral-colored circles covering the door. Each circle has the name of one student written on it. In the middle of the door is a poster that reads "I am so happy you're here!"

All you need to do is type the names of your students into each circle, print, cut & arrange the pieces on your door! 

This is also an easy way for students to remember and reference each other’s names throughout the school year. 

Classroom Rules Posters – Editable

Prioritize your classroom culture by putting your classroom rules or contract on display. 

Displaying these items reminds your students of their importance and will make referring to them throughout the school year much easier. 

This image shows neutral math posters and classroom job posters.

These posters are text-editable so you can make them say “Classroom Promises” or “Classroom Expectations” and edit them to suit your students.

Weekly Newsletter Templates – Editable

Families LOVE knowing what is going on inside the classroom and want to be a part of your classroom culture as well. 

But, keeping them up-to-date can feel like one more thing on your very long, very full to-do list. 

So, use a template to keep things simple and easy. This will help you stay more consistent and regularly involve your families in what is happening at school. 

This image shows neutral classroom newsletter templates that are editable for teachers to customize.

This classroom theme comes with a variety of styles to choose from so you can pick the one that will work perfectly for you and your classroom. 

Growth Mindset Display

A key part of classroom culture is helping students learn that mistakes are great and they CAN do hard things. 

Introducing some growth mindset concepts and skills with your students can help them encourage each other (and themselves) when the going gets tough. 

This image shows a growth mindset bulletin board display. One side of the display says "Instead of" and lists phrases or sayings like "I can't do this" or "I am not smart". The other side of the display says "Try thinking" and lists phrases like "I can try a different strategy" and "I am a learner who does hard things!"

Pair introducing this display with some read alouds to make for an engaging lesson! 

Choosing a classroom decor bundle to decorate your classroom with is a big deal. 

This Simply Neutral classroom theme is the perfect fit for someone who wants some cute boho neutral colors and that’s it. 😊

Grab the entire Simply Neutral bundle from my TPT store and add this brush of color to your classroom today. 

This image shows a neutral classroom decor theme with neutral classroom jobs, schedule cards, cart labels, and an overview of a neutral classroom theme.

Not sure where to go from here? Walk through the 7 steps to setting up your printable classroom decor theme with me! 

Getting a classroom bundle edited can feel like a daunting task. I break this process into 3 simple steps that are easy to follow and help you actually get started!

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