Boho Dreams Classroom Theme

Cozy, neutral colors + plants. 😍🤍 I am definitely on the boho trend- I just moved houses and have been switching out my farmhouse decor with more plants and boho inspired decor. I had so much fun creating this boho dreams classroom theme…this one might be my favorite!

This image shows a boho classroom theme with neutral colors, plants, white beads, and posters on a boho bulletin board with a fringe border.

There are SO many functional pieces included in the boho dreams decor set, and I will highlight some of them below. Also, there are links to several freebies in this post! 

(Skip to the hand signal posters and inspirational posters to download the freebies!)

Flip Calendar

This neutral flip calendar is a beautiful and easy way to display the date. I hung the cards on a magnetic curtain rod with 2 inch binder rings. No more writing the date on the board each day- just flip!

This image shows a boho-colored flip calendar.

The months have different colored backgrounds. Each month will bring a different feel to the flip calendar!

This image shows a boho-colored flip calendar.

Alphabet Posters

There are sooo many alphabet poster sets included. I couldn’t decide which styles I liked best- so I included them all! I also included boho primary alphabet posters with pictures and cursive options too!

This image shows a boho alphabet poster set hung on a wall with black and white patterned background and circles of teal, burnt orange, pink, and tan, with the alphabet letters inside the circles.

Ten Frame Number Posters

These boho number posters are perfect for beginning number recognition and reference for Pre-K- 2nd grade. They can also be printed 4 to page and be used in math centers! 

This image shows three ten frame number posters with the numeral, word form, and matching ten frames in a boho theme.

Affirmation Mirror Station

Utilize this affirmation station to create a space in your classroom where students are encouraged to practice positive self talk. 

This image shows a boho affirmation station with neutral labels around a mirror that read positive affirmations such as "I am talented" and "I am radiant".

10 Drawer Cart

If you are type A like me, you like to organize allll the things. With these editable labels you can organize your 10 drawer cart and Sterilite containers! 

This image shows a boho neutral 10 drawer cart with neutral and earthy colored labels.

Daily Schedule Cards

Use these cards to seamlessly organize your day, as students will be able to see what’s coming next! This bundle includes a fun font and primary font, and cards with and without pictures + editable versions of each card! You can even customize digital and analog clocks with your schedule times to place next to the cards!

Hand Signal Posters with Pictures 

These boho hand signal posters are great for minimizing classroom disruptions and the best part is they are a FREEBIE 🥳 Download them here!

If you want some ideas on how to start implementing these posters in your classroom, check out my blog post talking all about hand signals and how awesome they are to use in the classroom

This image shows multicultural hand signal posters in neutral colors with pictures for bathroom, pencil, drink, tissue, and question.

Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters

Use these boho amazing work coming soon posters to fill an empty bulletin board that you plan to showcase student work! 🤍

Number Line 0-100 and 0-120 

This resource is an amazing, permanent visual that students can refer to again and again throughout the school year!

This image shows a boho number line displayed on a wall with a teacher cart organizer below it.

Binder Covers and Spines

I love to organize student passwords, parent phone numbers, student data, sub plans, and more in binders! You can use these editable binder covers and spines to organize your extra classroom papers!

Teacher Toolbox Labels 

Organize all your small items with these neutral teacher toolbox labels! Here’s the toolbox I bought ➱ Teacher Toolbox (keep in mind I spray painted mine to be blue!) I have also included labels to fit the 24 drawer toolbox.

This image shows a blue teacher toolbox to hold small teacher supplies with neutral labels.

Meet the Teacher Letter Templates

Students will love getting to see who their teacher will be and learn a little about them before the school year begins. Using this simple resource will help put your future students at ease and get them excited for the new school year. Use any of these editable templates and mail or e-mail them to your future group of kids!

This image shows boho themed meet the teacher letter templates.

Fraction Posters

These fraction posters are great for students to reference! Print as is like a poster, or print them 4 to a page so students can have a handout for their notebook or math folder. 🙂

CUBES Posters

These CUBES math posters are super helpful for solving word problems! If you would like these free posters, or are looking for more strategies to teach word problems to students, click here to check out this blog post and grab the freebie 🎉

This bundle is GROWING which means more will be added to it. As I add new items, you won’t need to re-purchase anything. You can simply re-download the bundle and receive the updates FOR FREE anytime! 

Also, I have made so many of the items editable, so you can customize the text to suit your classroom!

Click HERE to grab the boho dreams bundle at a discounted price!

If you prefer to shop on Etsy, you can grab this same bundle using this link!

This image shows four pictures of a boho neutral classroom.

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