Boho Rainbow Classroom Theme

Boho rainbows are all the trend right now and I’m here for the soft pastels and happy rainbows!

This modern rainbow classroom decor was so fun to create, and I have LOVED seeing other teachers bring it to life in their classrooms! 😍

Here are a few of the items included in my boho rainbow classroom theme:

Door Display

I wanted to create something that would make students feel welcomed from the moment they walk through the doors, which is why I created this door display! All you need to do is simply type your students’ names on the editable name cards and arrange them on your classroom door. In order to make the display fit your personality and classroom, there are several different styles of rainbow name cards to choose from! Also, these circular editable labels can be used in various places around the classroom!

This image shows a boho rainbow rainbow door display that reads "You Matter" with circular rainbow name cards with student names on it.

FREE Desk Nametags

These nametags are a FREEBIE!! If you are on the fence about using this entire decor theme for your classroom, I would encourage you to grab them and try them out first!

They come in 3 different versions: plain and simple, primary (print alphabet with numbers 1-20), and cursive alphabet versions to suit your students’ needs and ages.

Click HERE to download these free desk nametags! 

This image shows three different styles of boho rainbow nametags, one with light blue background, one with a multi colored rainbow and one with a black and white background and blue rainbow.

Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters

This image shows a bulletin board with posters hung that read "Amazing Work Coming Soon" with boho rainbows on the posters.

Fill an empty bulletin board with these cute boho rainbow “Amazing Work Coming Soon” posters!

Boho Rainbow Hand Signal Posters

Of course I had to add hand signal posters, because they have been so helpful with my classroom management. They minimize classroom disruptions with using non-verbal signals for simple questions. 🙌 The set includes hand signal posters with pictures for bathroom, pencil, drink, tissue, question, yes, no, and wait (three hand color variations) as well as an editable version with three different hand color variations with and without visuals.

This image shows multicultural hand signal posters with boho rainbows in the background of soft colors.

Word Wall

This word wall includes 400 sight word cards, and editable cards to add any word you would like to a word wall for your class! It also comes with 3 “Word Wall” Banner Designs, Word Wall Headers A-Z in a fun font and primary font version. 🙂

This image shows a word wall on bulletin board with a boho rainbow alphabet set above the bulletin board.

Also, that alphabet set above is one of the many alphabet styles included in the boho rainbow pack! Click HERE to see all of the alphabet options. 🙂 

Calendar Kit

This boho rainbow calendar kit has everything you need to create a beautiful display while referencing time, seasons, and the weather for students! The calendar cards fit into a pocket chart, or can also be assembled on bulletin board paper using velcro dots. 🙂

Classroom Newsletter Templates

These newsletter templates are editable and are perfect for keeping communication with parents a breeze! Use them weekly or monthly to update families with your classroom news.

This image shows a boho rainbow classroom newsletter template with three different sections to type in and customize to send to parents.

Organizational Resources:

10 Drawer Cart Labels 

The image shows boho rainbow 10 drawer cart labels.

Teacher Toolbox Labels

These labels fit most 10 drawer carts. I have this one ➱ 10 Drawer Cart 

The teacher toolbox is perfect for organizing all of my small items and keeping my desk clutter-free! Not only that, but these labels help me remember where things go and make the process of tidying up so much faster. 

I have this teacher toolbox, and I spray painted mine to be blue ➱ Teacher Toolbox. It took a few coats, but I love how it turned out! I also added boho rainbow labels to fit the Akro Mils 24 Drawer Teacher Toolbox.

This image shows a light blue toolbox with boho rainbow teacher toolbox labels and a plant sitting on top of the toolbox.

Binder Covers

I am all about organization, so I created these editable binder covers and spines so you can organize your data, student usernames and passwords, field trip info, and so much more! 

This image shows boho rainbow binder covers that read "August" , "Writing", and "Assessment"

Decorative Posters

Use these inspirational posters to make a gorgeous bulletin board, or simply add beauty and warmth to your classroom walls!

This image shows boho rainbow posters on a bulletin board with different quotes "Home sweet Classroom" and "You are a rainbow of possibilities"

Flip Calendar

With this flip calendar, you no longer have to write the date on the board each day! Simply print, cut, laminate, and hang on a magnetic curtain rod with 2-inch binder rings. 

This image shows a boho rainbow flip calendar. The background of the day of the week card and the month card create a rainbow when placed next to each other.

Morning Greeting Signs

Take your morning greetings to the next level with these choice posters. Connect and check in with your students first thing each morning. These morning greeting signs are an easy way to remind students what their options are. Keeping them posted on the back of your door is an easy win for everyone!

This image shows a morning greeting display on the back of a classroom door. There are rainbow-colored circles with individual options on each one. The options include "Smile", "high-five" and "pinky shake" among others.

Affirmation Station

Create a mirror with positive affirmations to teach positive self-talk and help increase students’ self-esteem! I found this light full length mirror at Target and taped the labels using transparent Scotch Tape. The mirror can be hung using 16lb Command Strips in each of the four corners of the mirror!

This image shows an affirmation mirror with the poster "I will do incredible things because..." and affirmation rainbow circles around the mirror with words like "I am kind" and "I am confident" etc.

Birthday Display

This birthday display is great for displaying birthdays on a bulletin board or simply on the walls of your classroom! It comes with a “Birthdays” banner, the months of the year, and editable name cards!

This image shows a boho rainbow birthday display with a banner that reads "Birthdays".

This picture is from @dressupandteach classroom on IG!

There are SO many other items included in the Boho Rainbow Classroom Decor set! Click HERE to see everything included on TPT!

Or click HERE to check out the bundle on Etsy!

If you would like to learn more about how to use printable classroom themes in your classroom, click HERE to read my blog post- “7 Steps to Setting up Your Printable Classroom Decor”. 

This image shows boho rainbow labels, rainbow posters, teacher toolbox labels, and affirmation station.

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