Groovy Classroom Decor Theme

Are you looking for a way to add retro vibes to your classroom? Decorating with this groovy boho classroom bundle will transform your classroom into a fun, welcoming, trendy space that you and your students will love!

This image shows a retro classroom theme with retro colors, smiley faces, rainbows, and more on a bulletin board and classroom carts!

What’s even better is this groovy decor bundle is a growing bundle, which means resources will be added as time goes on! Read on to see some of my favorites that are already included in the bundle. I have included a description of my FREEBIE resource in this post as well! 

Affirmation Station

Create a space in your classroom where students are encouraged to practice positive self-talk! These labels are also editable and can be used as a door display 😍 All you need to do is add a light mirror (I found mine from Target) and use some tape to hang the affirmation statements around the mirror! 

This image shows a mirror with "I am" at the top and positive affirmation labels around it such as friendly, amazing, special, funny, etc. with retro peace signs and smiley faces as the design behind the words.

Groovy Classroom Theme Organizational Items 

Editable Labels and Posters

This image shows various groovy theme classroom labels with flowers, smiley faces, and retro colors.

There are SO many editable labels in this bundle of various shapes and sizes, so you can edit label ALL the things! 🤩 I also added lots of editable posters to customize for classroom rules or any other resource you need for your classroom 🙂

Rolling Cart Labels

I love this cart in classrooms as it provides different sized bins to hold slightly bulkier items (like rulers or headphones). Additionally, it provides a nice flat countertop surface to work on or to hold supplies. If you are interested in this same cart, I purchased this cart from Michael’s!  

This image shows an essex rolling cart with blue, pink, and rust color labels that read "math centers," "rulers", "Misc", "ela centers", "cardstock", and "pattern blocks".

Retro 10 Drawer Cart Labels

10 drawer carts or Sterlite containers are my favorite for keeping papers cleared off my desk! They give me a clear place to store my copies and frees me from constantly asking the question “Where did I set that?”. These labels fit both 10 drawer carts and Sterilite 3 Drawer containers, and are text editable!

This image shows a classroom 10 drawer cart with retro labels ( rainbow, peace sign, and roller skate designs on the labels)

Binder Covers 

I had so much fun creating lots of designs for binder covers! What’s even better, is that they are all text-editable to customize for your classroom! Also, I included multiple sizing options for 1 in, 2 in, or 3 in binders. Use these templates to upgrade your 3-ring binders from boring to totally groovy! 

This image shows teacher binders with groovy smiley face designs and a volkswagon bug with text to label the binders.

Groovy Teacher Toolbox Labels

I have found that labeling where small items go keeps the inside of my desk clear and makes it easy to find what I need! There are multiple design options for your teacher toolbox labels in the retro theme, and all are text-editable! Also, many have asked where I found a blue teacher toolbox. I purchased a black one and used a little spray paint to make it blue!

This image shows a blue teacher toolbox with retro labels ( a rainbow and pink, rust, orange, and light blue colors)

FREE Groovy Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters 

Do you have a blank bulletin board that you don’t know what to with? Design a board to display student work with these free amazing work coming soon posters. 🙌 This bulletin board also creates opportunities to teach students how to provide and receive feedback. Use these posters as place holders for future student work! 

This image shows a bulletin board with "amazing work coming soon" posters.

Not sure if you want to commit to the entire Retro Groovy Classroom Theme Bundle yet? These posters are a FREEBIE in my TpT Store!  

Daily Schedule Cards 

I love displaying schedule cards because it is so simple to swap out each day, and students will always know what’s coming next. Simply hang them with velcro dots or on a magnetic whiteboard with magnets. Also, I’ve added digital and analog clocks, and editable clocks to customize for your classroom!

With this set, you can simply, edit (if needed), print, and hang! If you are interested, in how I use schedule cards- check out my blog post about visual classroom schedules

Retro Flip Calendar

These flip calendar cards will save you from needing to write the date on the board each day 🙌

This image shows a classroom flip calendar in a retro groovy theme with smiley faces.

I hung them on a magnetic curtain rod from Amazon, with 2 in. binder rings. However, you could also simply hang them on a whiteboard with magnetic tape. 🙂

Groovy Birthday Display

Use this fun retro birthday kit to display student birthdays! The name cards are text editable and come in a Powerpoint format.

This image shows a retro bulletin board birthday display with a "Birthdays" banner and month cards with student names below each month.

Groovy Classroom Newsletter Templates

This image shows 3 retro newsletter templates with peace signs and rainbows.

These cute retro newsletter templates are a great way to keep families in the know throughout the school year! All the text is editable, including headings, and “Our Class News” so you can customize it to say “Mrs. Smith’s Classroom News” or anything you’d like!

Classroom Jobs

This image shows a retro classroom jobs kit with jobs such as board eraser, errand runner, and folder helper.

These classroom jobs are some of my fave 😍 There are SO many other jobs included from teacher’s assistant, line leader, light monitor, clean-up crew, and many more! If you’d like to add your own jobs, the cards are customizable! To easily rotate student jobs, hang the name cards with velcro dots or magnetic tape on a magnetic whiteboard. 🙂

Groovy Alphabet Posters

If you teach the younger grades and are needing an alphabet with visuals, I’ve included this alphabet with pictures in the Retro Bundle!

This image shows a retro alphabet set with pictures for kindergarten, first, or second grade classrooms.

Or if you are wanting a more simple alphabet with lined letters, I’ve also included that version in the Retro Groovy bundle as well!

This image shows a groovy theme alphabet set with a primary font with lines for kindergarten, first, or second grade classrooms.

Skip Counting Numbers

Skip counting numbers are one of my favorite resources to include in my classroom decor bundles! They are a great resource to provide for your students as they are learning how to skip count and multiply. 

This image shows skip counting / multiple posters 1-6 for a classroom.

Morning Greeting Signs 

Greeting your students each morning might feel a little redundant day after day. But, they LOVE it, especially if you give some fun morning greeting options! Change things up by offering students a pinky shake or a dance instead of just a high five or smile. 

This image shows a morning greeting display on the back of a classroom door. There are solid colored circles with individual options on each one. The options include "Smile", "high-five" and "pinky shake" among others.

Post this display on the back of your door so students can easily reference their choices each morning. 

Plus, this is a great way to continue building and deepening your relationships with each of your students. 

These are just a few of the many items already included in the Retro Groovy Classroom Theme bundle.

This bundle is a growing bundle, which means I will continue to add more and more resources. As I add new items, you don’t need to re-purchase anything. All you need to do is re-download the bundle and you get all of the new items FOR FREE!! 

If this groovy bundle has you excited, click here to grab it at a discounted price! 

This image reads "Retro Groovy Classroom Theme" and shows 4 images including a retro classroom bulletin board, retro schedule cards, retro affirmation station, and teacher toolbox labels.

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