Behind the Scenes: Setting Up Your Classroom Jobs System

My first year in the classroom, I tried to do it all. I even tried to handle every job in the classroom. It was a game changer when I started assigning classroom jobs 🙂

Not only did my students like them, but they helped me out SO MUCH!

At first, I didn’t know what jobs to choose, but with trial and error I found classroom jobs that worked great for my students (and helped save me time)! I know my system won’t work for everyone, but I hope by seeing my set-up, you can create a system that works great for you!

This image shows classroom job cards in calm colors with pictures on each card showing what the job is such as light monitor, library assistant, etc.

Here’s my system in 5 steps:

Step 1: Pick the Classroom Jobs

First, you need to choose the jobs you want in your classroom. There are tons of classroom jobs out there, but not all will work for the procedures you have in your elementary classroom.

Here is a list of classroom job ideas 🙂

  • Light Monitor
  • Lunch Helper
  • Door Holder
  • Librarian
  • Errand Runner
  • Pencil Sharpener
  • Folder Helper
  • Clean-up Crew
  • Photographer
  • iPad Assistant
  • Computer Assistant
  • Smartboard Assistant
  • Calendar Helper
  • Attendance Helper
  • Hallway Monitor
  • Teacher’s Assistant
  • Line Leader
  • Botanist
  • Caboose
  • Secretary
  • Cubby Captain
  • Zoologist
  • Substitute
  • Messenger
  • Recycling Assistant
  • Supply Manager
  • Desk Inspector
  • Organizer
  • Phone Manager
  • Chair Stacker
  • Board Eraser
  • Pencil Patrol

Step 2: Set Up The Display

After you have selected the jobs, print the job titles and student’s names.

If you want to make this even simpler, I recommend this Calm Colors Classroom Jobs template. It’s editable, so you can type your students’ names in and customize the jobs for your classroom. It has several jobs already created in both a fun font and primary version with clipart, if you need some classroom job ideas.

Then, you want to choose where the job cards will go. I liked to have it at the front of the classroom so I could quickly glance over if I forgot who had which job.

 Then, I’d use velcro dots to make changing student names really easy. You can also attach the jobs to a white board using magnetic tape!

Step 3: Model and Practice

Of course, students won’t naturally know what a lunch helper is. During the first few weeks of school, begin modeling and practicing the classroom jobs.

For younger students, you may want to phase in the jobs. For instance, teach three jobs one week and three jobs the next.

You can introduce these jobs during morning meetings, and have students act out the job being completed correctly and incorrectly.

Step 4: Assign the Jobs

Your students are familiar with the jobs, so now it’s time to assign them!

Personally, I like to do this with popsicle sticks. I write each student’s name on a stick, draw a random one, and that student gets to pick their job! 

That way the order of students choosing is totally random. 🙂 

I’ve also seen teachers do job applications. This could actually double as a writing station because students will need to write and explain why they want a particular job. Then, you select the top application for the job.

Once assigning the job, you want to be clear on how long they will hold the position.

I liked having students hold jobs for a few weeks. It gave them time to get familiar with and master their assigned job.

Step 5: Switch!

When it’s time to change jobs, you’ll start again at step 4. For younger students, you may even want to go back to step 3 and remodel the jobs.

For me, classroom decor is about being cute and practical, which is why I created editable classroom jobs to make this system simple for you to set up. It comes in modern calm colors.

It comes with 32 ready-to-print job cards in beautiful modern calm colors, in both fun fonts and a primary font version with clipart.

Click HERE to grab these editable classroom jobs for your elementary students!

Also, this classroom job kit is included in my calm colors classroom decor theme. If you would like to see more calm classroom decor- click here!

This image shows classroom jobs for kindergarten teachers with the text "Behind the Scenes: Setting Up Your Classroom Jobs system"

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