Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor

Are you looking to create a beautiful, calming classroom theme? I always wanted to create a calm classroom environment, so that is what inspired me to design the Modern Calm Colors classroom decor theme 😍

This image shows the modern calm colors classroom theme set up with the alphabet, voice level posters, calendar, and number line all in shades of pink, yellow, blue, grey, and green.

Also, I decided to make everything in the modern calm colors bundle text-editable! I know that there are often things we as teachers need to customize to suit our students or classroom, so I wanted to make everything text- editable!

What’s even more awesome is that this makes the bundle super bilingual friendly – so if you want to translate it into Spanish or French (or any other language, really!), you totally can!

To edit, you will need Powerpoint installed on your computer. For more details on how to edit any of my classroom decor bundles, check out this blog post!

This image shows that the classroom decor bundle is editable. The text off to the left-hand side reads "Simply type in the text box provided. Use the embedded font or choose a font of your own."

Sometimes, you just need to see the full picture to commit to a decor bundle. These are a few of the ways teachers have put this decor bundle to work in their classrooms.

For even MORE inspiration on how this decor bundle can transform your classroom, take a deep dive into this blog post!

A Closer Look at the Modern Calm Colors Classroom Theme

Organizational Cart Labels

These are a few of my favorite organizational tools- my 10 drawer cart and Essex rolling cart! I created these labels to organize each of the drawers and quickly find what I need!

The image shows a 10 drawer cart and essex rolling cart for the classroom with calm colors labels on each of the drawers.

I found this essex rolling cart at Michaels and love using it to store paper and other larger miscellaneous items!

Google Slide Templates

Bring the Modern Calm Colors into EVERY part of your classroom with these Google Slide or PowerPoint templates!

This image shows examples of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates decorated with calm colors.

Use these slides to help add more structure to your small group, independent work, or morning work times! Plus, the fun, calm colors will simply add to the overall feel of your room!

Text-editable slides are included, so you can make them work for your classroom.

Snag these 4 easy ways to use slides in the classroom to engage your students!

Classroom Jobs

In the classroom jobs display, you can edit the jobs and easily swap them out every week (or few weeks) with velcro dots or magnets! This calm colors display comes with 64 ready-to-print job cards, 32 cards with a fun font, and 32 primary cards with pictures, + editable cards to customize! 

Multicultural Hand Signal Posters

These are a game-changer for classroom management! Do you want to implement hand signals in your classroom?

This image shows calm color hand signals. There are six signals shown for things like "Bathroom", "Tissue", "Question", and "Wait".

Placing these posters at the front of the classroom makes it easy for students to reference often throughout the day!

This image shows calm colors hand signal posters and voice level posters with pictures.

Calendar Cards and Weather Cards 

The calendar is perfect for a pocket chart or hanging on bulletin board paper with velcro.

Also, save yourself time and skip writing the date on the board each day with this flip calendar! I hung the flip calendar with a 16-28 in. magnetic curtain rod from Amazon and 2-inch binder rings.

This image shows a flip calendar at the top of a white board. The calendar is created in a calm, pastel color scheme.

Daily Schedule Cards 

I love to use schedule cards to seamlessly organize my day as students will be able to see what’s coming next! I’ve included a fun font and primary font, and cards with and without pictures + editable versions of each card! In addition, there are analog and digital clocks + editable clocks for you to use!

The image shows daily schedule cards for a classroom so teachers can display the daily schedule with clocks next to each subject.

Another version of the schedule cards is included with solid colored backgrounds.

This style comes with both a primary version with pictures included, or an upper elementary version with only the names shown.

Amazing Work Coming Soon Posters

This image shows a bulletin board with "Amazing Work Coming Soon" posters in a pastel color scheme for the classroom.

Teacher Toolbox Labels

I purchased this teacher toolbox from Amazon and spray-painted it blue! (Also, I’ve used this blue toolbox for every decor theme and feel like it goes well with EACH theme 🙂 )

Alphabet Poster Options

This bundle includes so many different ways to display the alphabet for your young learners! Here are the different designs that are included:

  • Primary Font with A-Z animal Pictures
  • Fun Font with A-Z animal Pictures
  • Primary Font without pictures
  • Fun font without pictures
  • Cursive Alphabet
  • ASL alphabet
  • Text-Editable Alphabet to customize with your language or font choice
This image shows the 6 different pastel color scheme alphabet poster sets available in this classroom decor bundle.

Voice Level Posters

I always loved using voice level posters to teach the appropriate noise level, and refer students to the chart as we change activities throughout the day!

See the image above for a sneak peek of what these posters look like.

Birthday Display 

This is great for displaying birthdays on a bulletin board or simply on the walls of your classroom! It comes with: “Birthdays” banner, months of the year, and editable name cards.

The image shows a classroom birthday display with a "birthdays" banner and each month in calm colors with student name cards below each month.

Math Posters

These are all of the math posters in the modern calm colors theme-

✅ Ten Frame Number Posters

✅ 2D and 3D Shape Posters

✅ Place Value Posters

✅ Number Line 0-120

✅ Skip Counting / Multiples Posters

✅ Columns, Rows, Vertical, Horizontal Posters (Includes 2 styles to choose from!)

✅ Clock Labels

✅ Days in School Posters and Ten Frame Counting Posters

✅ Multiplication Posters 1-12 

✅ 120 Chart & 100 Chart

✅ Primary Place Value Posters with Base 10 Blocks

✅ Multiplication Chart 1-12

✅ Word Problem Keywords Posters

✅ U.S. Money Posters

✅ CUBES Math Strategy Posters

✅ Fraction Posters

✅ Greater Than, Less Than, and Equal to Fractions

This image shows calm colors clock labels in the classroom.

For those of you who teach math, here is a mini-math bundle in the calm colors theme if you are interested in just the math posters! Click here to check it out!

Affirmation Station

Create an affirmation mirror display and reinforce positive self-talk with the affirmation poster and labels that are included! I found my mirror from Target, and taped the labels all around it! 

This image shows a calm colors mirror positive affirmation station.

How We Go Home Chart

Bring order and calm back into the end of your school day with a How We Go Home chart.

Use this chart to help you keep track of who is taking what method to get home each day!

This image shows a how we go home dismissal chart. The options are in circles with an image to help younger students identify each choice.

Computer Shortcut Posters

This visual can be hung in the classroom for students to refer to throughout the year!

The image shows 9 computer keyboard shortcut posters on a bulletin board.

Classroom Newsletter Templates

These calm colors editable classroom newsletter templates are great for keeping parents updated throughout the year!

This image shows calm colors newsletter templates.

The newsletter templates come in 6 different styles, and are text editable so you can customize them to suit your needs. (All text is editable so you can change the headings / fonts.) They work great as a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Desk Nametags 

This bundle includes text-editable nametags that come in 3 different versions: plain and simple, primary (print alphabet with numbers 1-20), and cursive alphabet versions to best suit your students.

Morning Greeting Signs

Greet your students individually each morning based on what each student needs! Post these options on the back of your classroom door so your students can easily pick a greeting as they enter the room each day.

This image shows a morning greeting display on the back of a classroom door. There are calm-colored circles with individual options on each one. The options include "Smile", "high-five" and "pinky shake" among others.

Binder Covers and Spines

If you want to organize your sub plans, centers, lesson plans, and more- you can do so with the editable binder covers and spines that I’ve included in the bundle! The binder spines fit 1 inch, 1.5 inch, 2 inch, and 3 inch binders.

Editable Labels of Various Shapes and Sizes

Each of these labels is editable so you can organize all of your teacher bins, boxes, cubbies, Sterilite drawer containers, and more!

The image shows many labels for teachers to use in the classroom all in squares, circles, rectangles, and in the modern calm colors theme.

Door Display 

Dress up your door, with this simple display! This editable resource will allow you to type in your own student’s names in each circle. Then, simply print, cut, and arrange on your door! The colors will blend with everything else in this decor bundle perfectly. 

This image shows a classroom door with calm-colored circles covering the door. Each circle has the name of one student written on it. In the middle of the door is a poster that reads "I am so happy you're here!"

Growth Mindset Display

Use this simple display to help launch a conversation with your students about how they can alter the words they tell themselves. Add a fun read-aloud that works GREAT to continue the growth mindset conversation.

This image shows a growth mindset bulletin board display. One side of the display says "Instead of" and lists phrases or sayings like "I can't do this" or "I am not smart". The other side of the display says "Try thinking" and lists phrases like "I can try a different strategy" and "I am a learner who does hard things!"


The Modern Calm Colors decor bundle also comes with banners to make bulletin board creation EASY!

Choose from pre-made banners OR create your own using the templates provided.

A Full List of What’s Included in the Modern Calm Colors Theme Bundle

  • Editable Vertical and Horizontal Posters (Great for Classroom Rules)
  • Primary Alphabet Posters with Pictures
  • ASL Alphabet Posters
  • Cursive Alphabet Posters
  • Ten Frame Number Posters
  • Calm Colors Google Slides & PowerPoint Slides Templates with Timers
  • Number Line 0-120
  • Calendar Kit
  • Color Posters
  • Shape Posters
  • Labels (various shapes and sizes)
  • 10 Drawer Cart Labels
  • Rolling Cart Labels
  • Birthday Display
  • Door Display
  • Classroom Jobs without Pictures
  • Classroom Jobs with Pictures
  • How We Go Home / Dismissal Chart
  • Banners
  • Schedule Cards
  • Multicultural Hand Signal Posters
  • Teacher Toolbox Labels
  • Binder Covers and Spines
  • Binder Forms
  • Behavior Clip Chart
  • Nametags
  • Computer Shortcut Posters
  • Newsletter Templates
  • Word Wall Banners, Headers, and Word Cards
  • Place Value Posters
  • Skip Counting / Multiples Posters
  • Clock Labels
  • Columns, Rows, Horizontal, Vertical Posters
  • Days in School Posters
  • Multiplication Posters 1-12
  • 120 Chart and 100 Chart
  • Meet the Teacher Letter Templates
  • Primary Place Value Posters with Base 10 Blocks
  • Flip Calendar
  • Affirmation Station
  • Multiplication Chart
  • Math Word Problem Keyword Posters
  • Money Posters
  • CUBES Math Strategy Posters
  • Time Posters
  • “Amazing Work Coming Soon” Posters
  • Growth Mindset Bulletin Board
  • Morning Greeting Signs

How it Works:

  1. Download the bundle by right-clicking the download button and saving it to your desktop.
  2. Edit any resources you’d like to customize in Powerpoint using the embedded fonts or change the font to one of your own 🙂
  3. Print the decor items using a home printer, school printer, or your local printing shop. You can print on standard white paper and laminate, or print on cardstock paper.
  4. Hang the items and transform your room into a beautiful, organized classroom! 🙂

Want to use this decor theme to decorate your classroom? Click here to grab the Modern Calm Colors Classroom Decor Bundle on TPT!

If you prefer to shop on Etsy, click here to buy the calm colors bundle on Etsy!

This image shows 4 pictures of the the modern calm colors classroom theme set up with the teacher toolbox, 10 drawer cart, multicultural hand signal posters, and the text "Modern Calm Colors Classroom Theme".

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