10 Instagram Teacher Hacks

This image shows books wrapped in construction paper and reads "10 Genius instagram teacher hacks"

Are you a teacher in search of new ideas to make your classroom experience more organized and efficient? Look no further! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite teacher hacks that are sure to help you save time, energy, and resources – all while creating an enjoyable atmosphere for both you and your students. Read on to find out how these genius tips can benefit the learning environment in your classroom! 

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1. Three Before Me…but Structured 

If you are an elementary teacher trying to run stations, you have probably heard of “Ask Three Before Me”. 

The idea is fantastic – but sometimes it can still feel like you are still answering all the questions. 

Enter, the Teacher’s Assistant. 

These students are the specific students asked BEFORE the question comes to you. 

You as the teacher now have some control over who your students are asking to hopefully limit the number of times you are pulled away from your small group!

This image shows a poster that says "3 before me" and 4 lanyards that say "teachers assistant" for students to wear so others can ask them questions rather than the teacher during centers.

Photo credit & idea go to the amazing @tn.teacher

2. Matte Poster Spray 

Avoid the glare from lamination with this matte poster spray 🤩

This image shows number posters with a matte spray to get rid of the glare in a classroom.

Photo credit & idea go to @the.primary.way

Apply this spray to your laminated posters to remove the glare from any & all lights! 

Grab this spray from Amazon here

Snag your own copy of these Modern Calm Colors Number Posters from my TPT shop. 

3. Awesome Sauce – Whole Class Reward 

If you are looking for an easy-to-implement whole-class reward system, look no further than these jars created by @texturesbymaria. 

This image shows a plastic jar with smiley faces inside of it to use as a whole class reward.

Doesn’t this jar make you excited, happy & enthusiastic?

As you see your entire class show “Awesome Sauce” behavior, add a smiley face into the jar. 

Check out Maria’s store to see all of the different shape options available! 

But be careful…you will probably find one you need in your classroom. 😉

4. Mystery Read Alouds  

Build suspense in your classroom for what book is coming next. 

Keep it simple by wrapping the book up in construction paper & adding a question mark! 

This image shows books wrapped in construction paper with question marks on them to build suspense before reading them.

Photo credit & idea go to @miss__hunterr

If you want to be a little fancier, add a few descriptive words on the paper to give clues as to what the book might be like. 

5. Change out Jobs with Clothespins 

The physical task of swapping student cards or numbers each time you change up jobs can get to be a lot. 

I LOVE how this teacher used clothespins to make that part of the task super simple. 

This image shows a bulletin board with classroom jobs in neutral calm colors.

Photo credit & idea go to @merriell.in.the.middle

Use hot glue or a velcro dot to attach the clothespin to the job card. Then, all you need to do is rotate or swap out the student numbers as needed! 

Want to learn more about how to set up classroom jobs in the classroom? Check out my blog post walking you through the 5 easy steps. 

This teacher is using my Modern Calm Colors jobs display, which you can find here

6. Bucket Reward System  

I am always on the hunt for easy, not too much work for me ways to encourage my students to be kind. 

So, when I saw this idea from @teachin.tiny.humans, I couldn’t not share it! 

This image shows a calm classroom theme on meet the teacher night with a slide projected on the whiteboard that says "welcome to meet the teacher"

Photo credit & idea go to @teachin.tiny.humans 

Instead of doing one class bucket, this teacher has made individual buckets. 

Drops are added to each bucket as that particular student does something kind, thoughtful, etc. 

The beautiful thing is, you can make it work for your own classroom! 

Another part I LOVED to this was the buckets were low enough for students to participate. They can add drops to each other’s buckets as they notice their own classmates going above & beyond. 

If you are looking for a book to help you create this system in your classroom, I would highly recommend How Full is Your Bucket Today?  It takes this abstract idea and explains it in a concrete way that makes sense to young kiddos. 

I also love how this teacher has incorporated my Modern Calm Colors decor bundle into her classroom to create a cozy, fun learning space! See everything that is included in this bundle on my TPT store. 

7. Spruce up Your Bulletin Boards with Greenery  

Make your classroom feel a little more homey with some greenery! 

I love this picture from a real-life classroom because it is nothing extravagant, but it makes a HUGE difference! 

This image shows a neutral theme classroom with greenery garland around a bulletin board.

Photo credit & idea to @hellomissbee

Pin the greenery up around your bulletin board using 3M hooks or any other hanging product you love! 

If you are on the hunt for some greenery to add to your classroom, here is a garland I found on Amazon. It isn’t exactly the same, but it is pretty similar to the one in the picture! 

8. Organize Whiteboard with Borders 

Transform a giant white board into three distinct areas with different purposes.  

This image shows a modern calm colors classroom with alphabet posters with pictures and a whiteboard divided with black polka dot borders.

Photo credit & idea to @misslewislittles

Borders on the whiteboard help students direct their attention to the different parts & help everything not get lost in one giant white space. 

If your whiteboard is magnetic, putting borders up can be as simple as using magnetic tape on the back of your border strips! 

Loving the alphabet posters in this classroom? Find a copy for your own classroom here! 

9. Magnetic Spice Racks…on your Whiteboard  

Speaking of whiteboards, this is another incredible classroom idea I found from @kindersandcoffee_. 

Use magnetic spice racks to display read-aloud books at the front of the room! 

This image shows rainbow hand signal posters and books on a whiteboard sitting in a magnetic spice rack.

Photo credit & idea to @kindersandcoffee_

I love how this keeps your whiteboard clean, organized, and you still have everything you need for the day at your fingertips! 

Streamline questions your students ask during lessons using your own boho rainbow hand signal posters! Learn more about how to use them in this blog post

10. Magically Pick up Staples 

Finding pesky staples on the floor after changing out your bulletin board? 

A magic wand is all you need! 

This image shows a magnetic wand to pick up staples off the classroom floor during classroom setup or at the end of the year.

Photo credit & idea to @sublimelittlescholars

This handy tool will grab all those pesky staples in the blink of an eye. 

Setting up bulletin boards can be a tricky task. I share 5 hacks in this blog post. Check them out & save yourself some time! 

The beautiful thing about teaching is you are in a profession where others LOVE to share the tips, tricks, and ideas going well in their classroom. 

What are some of your favorite classroom ideas you cannot live without? 

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