Free Retro Classroom Decor Printables

There is something special about a fresh bulletin board display.

Especially one that incorporates different free retro classroom decor themes like smiley faces, peace signs, and rainbows! 

Students catch a glimpse of it from the hall or as they approach the classroom and are instantly excited. 🤩

This image shows retro welcome posters for the elementary classroom with rainbows and reads "free retro classroom decor"

Searching the internet for classroom bulletin board ideas is exciting…until you start to think about all the creating, cutting, and laminating that needs to be done. 😅

To keep things easy for you, here are three FREE display ideas that require a minimal amount of time from you! 

Display #1: FREE Amazing Work Coming Soon 

I LOVE seeing how different teachers display their students’ work. 

But, sometimes (especially at the beginning of the school year), those displays can look pretty bare & empty. 🫣

Transform that bare-bones bulletin board into a captivating display that ignites anticipation and fuels excitement among your students. 

This image shows an amazing work coming soon bulletin board display in a retro theme.

These Retro Amazing Work Coming Soon posters are FREE and a great way to fill that space. 

And the best part? 

All you need to do is print out these place-holder posters and attach them to your bulletin board! 

No cutting or laminating required! 👏

Start getting this freebie set up in your classroom today! 

Display #2: FREE Groovy Welcome Banners

Maybe you are looking for something a little more personal to greet your students as they enter your classroom. 

These groovy welcome banners would be a great simple bulletin board display. 🌟

This image shows 2 groovy welcome banners to hang in the classroom.

After hanging the banner up on your bulletin board, simply add your students’ names on index cards, circles, or anything else! 

Or, simply hang the banner above your classroom doorway!

Display #3: FREE Grovy Welcome Posters

This image shows retro welcome posters for the elementary classroom with rainbows.

Another option included in this set is to place a poster in the middle of your bulletin board and surround it with your students’ names. 

These posters are created for Pre-K through 6th grade. 

Both of these options keep things easy on you but allow you to have a retro-themed display to liven up your classroom walls! (Or the hallway outside your door!) 

These are included when you download the free retro banners HERE!

If you like the look of these items and want the full classroom theme to match, check out my Retro Groovy classroom decor bundle. 😊

This image shows a groovy classroom decor theme and a groovy affirmation station with positive sayings around a mirror.

Setting up a bulletin board is no small task, and can easily turn into multi-hour projects.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way! Check out my 5 bulletin board hacks to save yourself time (and your sanity 😂)! 

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