Tropical Classroom Theme: Teacher Spotlight- Sarah P.

This image shows a smiling teacher in front of a whiteboard in her classroom. The text underneath the picture reads "Tropical Classroom Theme Teacher Spotlight: Sarah P."

Are you searching for inspiration to give your elementary classroom a tropical theme? Look no further! Take a look at how Sarah P. transformed her first-grade classroom into a tropical paradise with the tropical vibes decor bundle!

Scroll through the pictures to see how Sarah has used this decor bundle in practical, fun ways. Then, use that inspiration to bring it into your own classroom! 

If you are looking for even more guidance with setting things up, Sarah has some awesome videos on her YouTube channel showing her process! 

This image shows a smiling teacher in front of a whiteboard in her classroom. You can see fun, bright colors behind her on the whiteboard and the rug.

Blending the Whiteboard Area 

Sarah used the Tropical Vibes bundle to blend all of the resources up at her whiteboard together. 

Choosing a classroom bundle helps create a cohesive look where nothing looks or feels out of place. 

Use these inspiring classroom decor images to brainstorm where to put these resources in your classroom! 

This image shows a view of a whiteboard in a classroom. There are brightly colored alphabet posters above the whiteboard and number posters beneath.

Underneath the whiteboard are number posters. This is a great place to hang a resource students will access LOTS during the year. 

This image shows a closeup of a visual schedule on a whiteboard. The display uses tropical colors and icons. Each card in the schedule lists a specific subject like "Morning Meeting" or "Math".

Sarah also has a visual schedule posted on her whiteboard to remind students exactly what is happening each day. 

This saves her time as she sets up her room each morning! Instead of writing out the schedule by hand, she can quickly swap around subject cards. 

This image shows a closeup of inspiring classroom decor voice level posters display. The posters read "Silence is Golden", "Spy Talk", and "Low Flow". Each poster has a number connected to it and a tropical-themed icon.

Voice level posters are also posted on Sarah’s whiteboard. The front of the classroom is a great spot to place this resource as it makes it easy for you to reference before “sending” your students out to work independently or in small groups. 

If you look at the top of the white board, you will also see a flip calendar that easily shows the date! 

Flip calendars are another great time saver for you. Instead of rewriting the date each day, just flip to the next card! 

Birthday Display 

Is an elementary classroom really complete without a birthday display? 

This image shows cabinet doors with a birthday display. There are twelve hexagons for each month of the year with clothespins around them. The clothespins represent students who have birthdays during that month.

I LOVE how Sarah has chosen to place her display on her cabinet doors. This is a great idea if you don’t have much wall space in your classroom! 

And, to keep things simple for her, she wrote each student’s name on a clothespin and clipped them to the months.

How We Go Home Chart 

If you are looking for an easy way to bring some calm to the end of your day, check out how Sarah has created a space for her dismissal chart. 

This image shows an inspiring classroom decor "How we go home" setup. There are four cut out circles that read "How we go home" and provide three different options - bus, parent, or after-school program. There are clothespins around the options.

She kept it simple by only selecting the options she needed and stuck the circles to the wall on the side of the door. 

Then, students move their clothespins each day depending on how they will be going home. 

At a quick glance, Sarah knows exactly how each of her students will be traveling home! 

Affirmation Station

I LOVE how Sarah’s affirmation station looks in her classroom! 

This image shows a closeup of an affirmation station. There is a long, skinny mirror attached to a long cabinet door with small cards taped all the way around the border of the mirror. The cards have different affirmations written on them.

Again, I love how Sarah placed the mirror on the back of a long cabinet door. These doors often are empty, and this spruces up the space a lot. 

Tucked in the corner by the sink is a great place for students to have some space to use the affirmation station without being at the front of the classroom or in everyone’s way! 

Growth Mindset Display 

The final inspiring classroom decor picture from Sarah’s classroom is her growth mindset bulletin board. 

This image shows a growth mindset bulletin board display. There are twelve different sayings on the board. Six are under the "Fixed Mindset" heading & are examples of ways of thinking that fall under that category. The other six are directly opposite the fixed mindset and offer a swap students can make to start thinking with growth mindset instead.

It is a simple display, but adding some fun border around the edges really gives it a nice pop. The bright colors stand out against her walls and draw her students’ eyes to what is important. 

Follow along with more of Sarah’s 1st-grade adventures! 

Check her out on Instagram @_bigheartlittleminds_ 

Her TikTok handle is @_bigheartlittleminds_

And her YouTube channel is @_bigheartlittleminds_

The Tropical Vibes classroom decor bundle will help bring some vibrant colors to even the whitest classroom walls. 

May these ideas be a springboard to decorating your own space and bringing a classroom decor bundle to life in your own, unique way! 

If you are working on setting up your first-ever classroom, learn from my mistakes at this blog post!

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