This image shows a bulletin board decorated with orange and pink colored pumpkins with names written on them. The heading of the bulletin board reads "Welcome to Our Patch". The words on the bottom part of the image read "Fun and festive halloween and fall bulletin board."

Fun and Festive Halloween & Fall Bulletin Board Ideas 

With a few simple touches, you can create fun, low prep, eye-catching fall bulletin board displays (or door decor!) In this blog post, I’ll share 2 of my favorite Halloween and fall bulletin board ideas for elementary school classrooms that will add some seasonal fun and excitement into your classroom.

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This image is a picture of a blue teacher toolbox decorated with bright, tropical labels. The text at the bottom of the picture reads "Top 9 teacher toolbox labels styles".

Top 9 Teacher Toolbox Label Styles (2024)

You have the teacher toolbox of your dreams.  Maybe you’ve even spray-painted it to help match your classroom decor.  But, it still isn’t perfect.  So, you’re on the hunt for the ideal teacher toolbox labels. 🤩 Browse through my 9 different styles of labels to find the ultimate fit for

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This image shows a picture of a teacher up at the front of the classroom with four other students. The students are writing on the whiteboard and the teacher is looking over their shoulders. The text on the bottom of the image reads "40 Classroom Reward Ideas that are TOTALLY FREE".

40 Classroom Reward Ideas (that are totally FREE!) 

Everyone enjoys being celebrated when they do something extraordinary.  Our students are no different.  Adding classroom rewards into your management system is a way to keep students engaged and excited to follow expectations.  But how many of you are tired of constantly filling up a “treasure box” with little trinkets

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This image shows four different displays of a classroom with the tropical vibes classroom theme. There is a classroom schedule showing subjects and times, a birthday display with months and student names, an mirror with affirmations around it and a larger shot of a bulletin board with a calendar, alphabet posters, number lines, and more! Everything in this classroom theme is bright, beachy, and vibrant. The words on the image say "Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme".

Tropical Vibes Classroom Theme 

Bright, vibrant colors, rainbows, flowers & palm trees? 🌴 Yes, please!  Read on to take a closer look at the Tropical Vibes classroom theme. 🥰 The bright colors pop, bringing that spark of joy to any classroom. 😊 For a quick video overview, check out the video below! Bulletin Board

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This image shows six hand signal posters all on brightly colored backgrounds. The posters show common hand signals in the classroom, such as "Bathroom, Pencil, Drink, Question, Yes & No". The text on the bottom part of the image reads "7 Cute Styles of Hand Signal Posters"

7 Cute Styles of Hand Signal Posters in the Classroom

Using hand signals in the classroom is one of my favorite classroom management strategies!  Having class-wide signals students use to quickly and quietly ask for things without interrupting your teaching time is a game changer. 💪 If hand signals are something new to you, check out this blog post!  (I

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This image shows a close-up of a 10-drawer cart in a classroom with modern calm colored labels for each drawer. The labels read the days of the week, "Copy", "Grade", & "File". The text on the image reads "Organization Made Easy: 4 Ideas for 10 Drawer Cart Labels!"

Organization Made Easy: 4 Ideas for Editable Labels

On the hunt for classroom organization ideas to tidy up your cluttered drawers?  The editable Modern Calm Colors Labels might be the exact answer to your question.  Allow these labels to help your students (and you) remember what goes in different drawers.  And the amazing thing about these labels? They

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This image shows an elementary classroom job card labeled "Hello my name is Lunch Helper" and a hand holding a laminated piece of paper with magnetic tape stuck on the back. The picture reads "Magnetic tape: a teacher's best friend".

Magnetic Tape: A Teacher’s Best Friend 

Magnetic tape. It’s one of the BEST teacher supplies and something I would never go without.  Meet Magnetic Tape Allow me to introduce you to your new best friend.  Magnetic tape has been a lifesaver in my classroom and I LOVE telling any teacher I can about it!  Here’s the

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