Peek Inside 5 2nd Grade Classrooms for Ideas & Inspiration

This image shows a decorated wall in a classroom filled with math resource posters, a calendar, and alphabet posters. The text at the bottom of the image reads "Peek Inside 5 2nd Grade Classrooms for Ideas & Inspiration."

You’ve dreamed about this day. You are about to set up the most amazing classroom for your soon-to-be 2nd graders. 🥳

But, you’re stuck. You aren’t sure what you actually want your classroom to look like, but you know you want it to feel welcoming and cozy. 

Or, maybe you have known EXACTLY what your dream classroom looks like, but when you started to organize the space you’ve been given, you realize it isn’t going to look exactly like your dreams. 

So, you start searching for 2nd grade classroom ideas. 

You’ve come to the right place. 🙂

Read on for ideas and inspiration from 5 second grade teachers!

Miss K’s 2nd Grade Classroom Ideas

Step into Peyton’s 2nd grade classroom! 

She has filled her classroom with beautiful, inviting neutral colors using the Simply Neutral classroom bundle. 

This image shows the front of a classroom with a rug, whiteboards, and some simply neutral decorations.

Resources for students, calming bulletin board displays, and encouraging phrases fill every corner of her classroom. 

I LOVE how Peyton used the banner letters to create the saying “Our Happy Place” and display it at the front of the classroom. 

This simple phrase creates such a warm, welcoming place for her students to be in every day. 

This image shows a close-up of 2nd grade classroom ideas for bulletin boards. There is a classroom jobs display, a number line across the whiteboard, and color posters off to the side.

Peyton has placed her classroom jobs display on the far side of her whiteboard. This allows her students (and herself) to be able to reference it easily throughout the day! 

💡 There are also color posters, a number line, and ten-frame posters at the front of the classroom so students can use them when they are studying & learning. 

This image shows a decorated wall in a classroom filled with math resource posters, a calendar, and alphabet posters. All of the decorations are in a simply neutral palette.

Peyton has FILLED another wall with great 2nd grade classroom ideas. 

From the alphabet posters to the clock minutes to the adorable “Oh hey 2nd grade” phrase, everything is set up to help her students succeed.  🎉

She created a math bulletin board with items important for her young learners. She didn’t place all of the skip counting posters, just the ones that matter to her students. 

This image shows tall cabinets with different displays. One is a birthday display. The other is a classroom schedule with clocks and cards for each activity or subject.

Using the fronts of any tall cabinets you have in your classroom is a great way to create some extra “wall” space! 💡

Add your birthday display or hang your class schedule there like Peyton did! 

This is an image of a teacher's desk. There is a banner running across the front of the desk that reads "Miss Kukura". A 10 drawer cart stands off to the side as a 2nd grade classroom idea for organization.

Don’t forget about places for you in your classroom as well! 

The teacher desk area in Peyton’s classroom is set up to be cute and functional. 

Adding colorful labels to your 10-drawer cart helps you stay organized in style. 🤩

Follow Peyton on Instagram @ohheyymissk for even more 2nd grade classroom ideas! 

2nd Grade with a Calm Color Style

Here are some different classroom ideas from @craftingintheclassroom on Instagram. 

She teaches the same grade level but uses the Modern Calm Colors decor bundle to give her room a different feel. 

This image shows a whiteboard with modern calm color posters and decorations surrounding it.

She has placed SO many resources together for her students at the front of the classroom. 

➡️ Running along the top of her whiteboard are alphabet posters in a lined, primary font. 

➡️ Also in this area are the calendar, classroom rules, hand signal posters, and voice levels. 

This teacher has placed SO many amazing resources in one spot to make things easy to reference when she needs to remind her students about expectations. 

Here’s a close-up of @craftingintheclassroom’s expectations section on her whiteboard. 

This image shows a great 2nd grade classroom idea to help students learn time. There are circles around the clock showing the time intervals.

Adding clock labels around your clock can help your learners interpret analog clocks.

This image shows a 2nd grade classroom math resources section. You can see skip counting posters, 100s chart, and even and odd posters.

On the other side of her whiteboard is a math corner filled with resources to help students. 

This image is a close-up of a math resource section. You can see skip counting posters, 100s chart, and even and odd posters.

(Note, there are money posters included in the Modern Calm Colors bundle, but they are not the ones pictured above.) 

The Modern Calm Colors decor bundle has many of these posters, but I LOVE what this teacher did to make the resources her own. 

✨ She took editable CUBES posters from the decor bundle and changed them to create her custom rounding posters for her students. 

✨ Similarly, she took the editable computer keyboard shortcut posters to create her even and odd posters. 

There are SO many items in this bundle that can be the foundation for custom creations to serve what YOUR students need. 

Follow @craftingintheclassroom to see what else is up in her classroom. 

Miss C’s 2nd Grade Classroom 

Meet Juliana, the teacher behind our third 2nd grade classroom. 

This image shows a teacher sitting in the front of her classroom holding a sign that reads "Ms. Cusumano's 2nd grade class".

Juliana also used the Modern Calm Colors decor in her 2nd grade classroom, and has some different ideas! 

This image shows a whiteboard in a 2nd grade classroom that shows a calendar and schedule cards.

This classroom also has the calendar and daily schedule displayed on the whiteboard at the front. 

I LOVE the fringe border Juliana added to divide her whiteboard into different sections. It’s a great neutral color that blends perfectly with the Modern Calm Color decor. 

This image shows a close-up of a visual schedule, a great 2nd grade classroom idea.

Juliana used the editable schedule cards to customize it perfectly for her classroom. She has written the times off to the sides of the cards. 

You can also see her adorable “mason jar” to track her students’ progress towards their whole class reward. 🤩

Find a jar perfect for your classroom at Maria’s store. 

This image shows alphabet posters along the top of a bulletin board. There are also string lights surrounding the bulletin board.

Adding a different type of lighting is a great way to make your space feel more homey and cozy. 🥰

This image shows a teacher standing in front of her affirmation station mirror. String lights and "I Am" statements surround the mirror

I LOVE how Juliana created an affirmation station in her classroom. 

Adding some wallpaper or bulletin board background to a wall is a great idea to give it a different feel. 

Plus, the twinkle lights hanging around the mirror make it a beautiful space in her classroom. 😍

Juliana has created some amazing places in her classroom to help keep herself and her students organized. 

The goal is to create systems that are simple and easy to maintain. 

Having students move clothespins to show how they will travel home is an easy way to add some structure to the end of your day. 

Also, placing numbers by backpack hooks is a GREAT 2nd grade classroom idea. Juliana used editable hexagon labels from the Modern Calm Colors bundle to create these number cards. 

This image shows 2nd grade classroom ideas for a library. There are books in white buckets. Each bucket has a colorful label attached describing the types of books inside.

Another brilliant idea Juliana has is to take editable labels from the decor bundle to create her own classroom library categories. 

This way she is able to organize her books the way she wants to, but still have cute labels! 

Juliana has done an amazing job customizing the decor she chose to keep her space organized, cozy, and welcoming.

Follow her @miss.c.teaches for more of her ideas.

2nd Grade Classroom Ideas from Janae

Come into Janae’s 2nd grade classroom with me! 

This image shows a side view of a 2nd grade classroom with lots of decorations and posters to support student learning.

Janae has created a wall in her classroom FILLED with resources. 

She has both a print version of the alphabet AND a cursive version on display for her students. 

🌟 There is dedicated space to a growth mindset bulletin board and LOADS of space for custom-created anchor charts. 

Janae creates the anchor charts she needs as she teaches her students different concepts and then hangs them up so they can reference them as needed. 

This image is of a growth mindset bulletin board. There are two columns of phrases. One column is titled "Instead of" and the other says "Try Thinking".

Here is a close-up of her growth mindset bulletin board. 

Having something in your classroom to challenge and encourage students’ thinking is a great classroom idea. 

This bulletin board (and Janae’s other classroom decor) is from the Modern Calm Colors decor bundle. 

This image shows skip counting numbers and math resource posters placed along the top of a 2nd grade classroom.

Along another wall in her classroom are math resources students can easily access. 

This image shows a teacher standing in the mirror of her affirmation station. Circles with positive "I Am" statements surround the mirror.

Janae used the back of a door in her classroom to hang a mirror for her affirmation station. 

The pop of red is such a fun background color for this! 😍

This image shows a 10 drawer cart with customized labels for each drawer. The labels read the days of the week, "Math", "ELA", "Grade", "Copy", and "Misc."

10 drawer carts are a great place to keep papers and special supplies you need for different days or subjects. 

They also make a great place for students to turn papers in based on subjects. 

Adding labels helps keep everything organized! 

This image shows student desks arranged in three different rows in a 2nd grade classroom.

I love seeing how different teachers go about setting up their classrooms. 

Janae has individual desks for her students arranged in rows in her classroom. 

She has truly created a space where things are organized and her students are the focus. 🤩

Find her on Instagram @adventureswithmiss.adams for more of her classroom adventures! 

Josie’s Bright 2nd Grade Classroom 

Our final classroom “tour” is Josie’s 2nd grade classroom. 

This image shows 2nd grade classroom ideas for how to setup your room and decorate it with helpful posters.

Josie has arranged her classroom in groups of 5 desks. This arrangement allows everyone to still see the front of the board, which is great! 

You can also see pops of color all around Josie’s classroom. She is using the Happy Hues classroom decor all throughout her classroom. 

Classroom rules posters and hand signal posters are along the top of the front of the classroom for easy access. 

This image is a close-up of a corner of a 2nd grade classroom. There are alphabet posters, classroom rules, and a morning time area. The morning time area has a calendar, weather and day of the week cards, and 10 frames for counting the number of school days.

One side of her front wall is set up for morning time. 

Here, Josie has displayed the calendar for the month, places to talk about the day of the week, the type of weather, and ten frames to help count the number of school days. 

💡 Adding a moveable easel is another way to create mini whiteboards in your classroom for different times of your day!

This image shows a sink in a classroom with a birthdays bulletin board displayed above. There is an affirmation station mirror off to the side with voice level posters as well.

I love how Josie is creative with the space she has. 

She has turned this little corner into an area filled with community-building resources. 

Students can check out the birthday display while they wash their hands, or remind themselves of affirmations at the mirror. 

And as a side note, the blue walls are PERFECT for the Happy Hues colors. 🥰

Setting up your classroom is no easy task, and there are LOTS of decisions. 

The great news is, the space is yours to design. 

Snagging some of these 2nd grade classroom ideas from seasoned teachers is a great way to start creating your classroom into your perfect learning space. ❤️

If this is your first EVER classroom you’re setting up, learn from my mistakes in this blog post 😂

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