20 Dollar Tree Finds for Teachers in 2024

This image shows the outside of a Dollar Tree store. The text at the bottom reads "20 dollar tree finds for teachers in 2024."

I don’t know about you, but I LOVE a good deal. 

Especially when the good deal means adding something cute and functional to my classroom for a STEAL of a price. 🤩

So, I recently headed to Dollar Tree to see what classroom decor gems I could find for a fraction of the price it would cost me elsewhere. 

Here are some of the best Dollar Tree finds for teachers.

Organization Finds 🗃️

The Dollar Tree is a GREAT place to look for bins of all shapes and sizes. 

Here are some great items I found that are perfect for classrooms! 

These adorable pink and blue bins are amazing for organizing materials you have lying around your classroom. 

Plus, they would match either the Happy Hues decor or Tropical Vibes decor perfectly! 

This is an image of a black caddy.

A black caddy like this is super helpful for keeping table group supplies organized and in one spot! 

Fill it with sticky notes, pencils, erasers, or whatever else your students use on a regular basis at their tables. 

This image shows a stack of white, plastic bins.

Plain white bins are another great option for keeping your materials organized in your classroom. 

I love adding some colorful labels to bins that are more plain looking to spice them up (and remind myself what goes where)! 

This image shows white bins with colorful, happy hues labels printed on them.

These white bins above have been transformed with some Happy Hues labels! 

This image shows clear, plastic bins with lids.

Finally, you can never go wrong with some classic, clear bins. Use these to organize your manipulatives, craft supplies, games, or anything else! 

Having bins that close with lids is super helpful for materials you might not be using constantly.

Classroom Supplies Finds 🎒

Although you might not be finding name-brand things here, if you are in a pinch or need something quick, these are great options. 

This image shows a pack of two-pack scissors.

A two-pack of scissors for just over a dollar is a pretty great find! (And helpful when everyone has lost theirs halfway through the school year 🫠)

This image shows a pack of 24 skin tone crayons.

Grab a pack or two of these fun, skin-tone crayons to add to your classroom crayon supply! 

This image shows a package of small, colorful erasers that go on the end of a pencil.

These little erasers are so great to have on hand! 

Again, when you are looking to refresh your school supplies mid-year, the Dollar Tree is a great place to look!  

Classroom Decor Finds ✨

Surprisingly enough, you can find some Dollar Tree finds for teachers that are PERFECT for classroom decor. 

This image shows a pack of self-adhesive wall tile.

This vinyl faux backsplash could be added to your classroom behind your sink or another area that needs a splash of texture. 

(Look in the kitchen section for this!) 

This image shows some vinyl wallpaper designed to look like white, wooden slabs.

Similarly, use this vinyl wallpaper to create an accent wall in your classroom or be the background of a bulletin board. 

This item has a sticky side on one end, so you could just peel it off right onto the wall. Otherwise, you can use painter’s tape to attach it to the wall with a string of hot glue on the top edge. 

This image shows a pack of mini clothespins.

Mini clothespins are so cute to add to your classroom decor! Use them to hang banners OR hot glue them to a wall to display student work. 

These mini chalkboards are adorable and would make great labels for any bins in your classroom (or really anything else). 

I LOVE that there are two different styles so you can pick the one that feels more you! 

(You’ll find all of these items in the craft section.) 

Don’t forget about picture frames at the dollar store! Frames are a great way to make posters or signs feel more complete in your classroom, but they can get pricey quickly. 

Snagging them from the Dollar Tree is a great option. 

This image is a package of dot stickers from the dollar tree.

You can’t do much with your classroom decor without hanging it up. 

This is a great Dollar Tree find – dot stickers! I love using these to easily swap out my calendar display or classroom jobs.  

This image shows hanging hooks as dollar tree finds for teachers.

You can never go wrong with some command hooks. Snag these to confidently put things up on your classroom walls. 

This is an image of double sided tape.

Last but not least, double-sided tape. 

This is an item that you don’t realize you need until you need it that second 😂. Grabbing a few from the Dollar Tree is a great way to make sure you have this classroom supply on hand when you’re in a bind. 

Extra Fun Finds 🥳

Sometimes you never know what will be a Dollar Tree find for teachers. 

Here are some other items that would be perfect in a classroom! 

This is an image of packs of flashcards that are perfect to use in the classroom.

Flashcards are great to have on hand to help your students practice different skills. 

The Dollar Tree has some great basic flashcards for letters, shapes, and even basic math skills! 

This image shows some card games for classrooms.

Another Dollar Tree find is card games! 

Add to your classroom game supply with these Crazy 8s pack or Apples to Apples Jr. 

This is a great dollar tree find for teachers - a first day of XX sign for your students to hold up.

Finally, how cute is this? 

If you are looking for a way to help students share their first day of school journey, this is it! 

Overall, I was impressed with these Dollar Tree Finds for teachers. 

There were lots of options here that would work great in any classroom, regardless of your decor theme.

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